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Bondville is an established, award-winning blog championing the best of Australian design for Mum, Kids, and Home. The site was created 12 years ago in December 2003 by Sydney-based blogger Steph Bond-Hutkin.

Editorial Focus

Gift Ideas - Australian-designed products for Mum, Kids and Home.
Kids' Rooms - Australian-designed interiors products and real Australian kids' room tours.
Stylish Kids - Australian-designed childrens' fashion.
Parties - Party ideas and real Australian parties.

Advertising Options

There are currently five great options for both established brands and small businesses to advertise on Bondville. Click for more details:

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I love getting feedback from my readers!

"What a nice idea - today I've ordered two of the lovely bracelets - I really love them! Happy greetings from the other side of the world (Zurich, Switzerland)." Masha, June 2013

"Thanks Steph, I've had 2 x bdays to buy for in the last month, so sis-in-law got Zillpa rope bowls (which she loved) and a friend now has an ellie beck bracelet on the way to her. Must be time for a selfie present next methinks. Cheers." Rachael, June 2013

"Love them! I want yellow! Just bought some thanks." Gemma, May 2013

"Love your blog and love these glasses. I went straight in to their Greville Street store, chose a pair and am loving them. Thanks x" Frances, April 2013

"Love your blog posts in my inbox each day. Thanks for sharing your life and interests Steph." Kate, January 2013

"It's an awesome page. Love reading all about your finds etc." Donna, January 2013

"We bought Calvin one of those cardboard cubby houses after reading your post a few months ago. He loves it!" Renee, January 2013

"I recently found your blog as a source for a lot of hits with my etsy shop, so seeing that my client loved the aprons and put this much work into it and you featured the party here is really awesome. It's a way for me to see the outcome of something I'd normally just hear about. Very cool." Rachel, October 2012

Key Achievements

  • More than 1,455 posts over 10 years
  • Contributions to Adore Home magazine and Tickle The Imagination magazine in 2015
  • Blog Hall of Fame ( Voices of 2015)
  • Top 25 Creative and Home blogs and Top 100 blogs in Australia ( Voices of 2014)
  • Top 30 Beauty and Lifestyle blogs and Top 100 blogs in Australia ( Voices of 2013)
  • Panelist - The Creative Business of Blogging, for Blog Society at Vivid Festival, Sydney 2014
  • Ford Territory reviewer and blogger 2014 and 2013
  • Spokesperson and endorsements (video and print advertorial) for Elevit with Iodine (Bayer) 2012 and 2013
  • Top 35 Kids Style Blogs in the world ( 2012
  • Top 100 women bloggers in Australia 2011
  • Founder and organiser of Sydney abcd social networking events for artists, bloggers, crafters and designers
  • Principal of Bondville Media digital marketing consultancy services for businesses in the kids, design, wedding, photography, and creative industries

Updated Stats

1st October 2015 Google Analytics:

  • 270k pageviews over 12 months
  • 100.7k  sessions over 12 months
  • 82.8k users (unique visitors) over 12 months
  • 1:07 min average session duration (engaged, interested readers)
  • 22% bounce rate (only 22% didn't click on anything - engaged, interested readers)
  • 81% new visitors (great for reach - always lots of new readers on the site)
  • Australia (33%), USA (35.5%), UK (5.7%), Canada (3.2%), France (1.7%), Germany (1.4%), Brazil (1.3%), NZ (1.2%), Spain (1.1%), Netherlands (1%)
  • Feedburner (daily email) subscribers: 994
  • Monthly newsletter subscribers: 375 (43% open rate)
  • Pinterest: 3,868
  • Instagram: 3,223
  • Facebook: 2,549
  • Twitter: 1,518
  • Google+: 179
  • Total: 11,337
Facebook demographics:
  • 94% Female
  • 30% 25-34 years
  • 49% 35-44 years
  • 68% Australian

Please email me if you have any questions.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new or returning partner on Bondville!
Steph Bond-Hutkin

* All sources Google Analytics 2014-2015
** prices are current until 31st December 2015 and thereafter subject to change.
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