Bondville Charity Auction

To celebrate Bondville's 10th Anniversary in December 2013, we raised $4713.13 for the Children's Cancer Institute Australia through the Bondville Charity Auction! Like most families, ours has been touched by cancer this year. So no big giveaway - instead I collaborated with these amazing Australian designers and brands to auction products with all proceeds going to the Children's Cancer Institute Australia. I'm so excited to have been able to help and thank all my readers for digging deep and supporting the auction.

I'm so proud of the effort and donations from these generous Australian companies. Their support has been amazing, and they deserve our online shopping. Click through to each online store to find these gorgeous products that they donated and more for Mum, Kids and Home:

Large print - The Shipping News
from Inaluxe
RRP: $145.00

Large print - Message No.15
from Inaluxe
RRP: $145.00

Large print - Birds of Australia
from Inaluxe
RRP: $145.00

Astrid Chair
from Freedom
RRP: $229.00

Carnival stripe wool rug
from Armadillo&Co
RRP: $825.00

2 x A4 Bird Head prints
+ 1 x A3 lucky dip print
from Little Circus Design
RRP: $280.00

Woven doily necklace
from Polli
RRP: $219.95

Reversible Obus/Matchstick Peach Queen Quilt Cover
from Kip & Co
RRP: $209.00

Orange rope bowl set
from Zillpa
RRP: $105.00

8 x Napkins
from Dandi
RRP: $96.00

8 seater tablecloth
from Dandi
RRP: $109.95

Sewing patterns, kits & fabric panels pack
from the red thread
RRP: $132.00

Organic cot blanket
from Uimi
RRP: $165.00

Hot air balloon mobile (finished)
from Craft Schmaft
RRP: $150.00

$100 Gift Voucher kids' clothing
from Broken Tricycle
RRP: $100.00

Nana Huchy Mother and child aprons
from Steph Bond-Hutkin
RRP: $66.30

Nana Huchy oven mit and pot holder
from Steph Bond-Hutkin
RRP: $22.30

Rose tulle skirt
from Mooce
RRP: $35.95
Pink heart shorts
from Mooce
RRP: $34.95

Rose singlet
from Mooce
RRP: $24.95

Girls' Aladdin pants
from Cheeky Britches
RRP: $34.95

Girl's outfit
from OUCH
RRP: $141.85

Boy's outfit
from OUCH
RRP: $129.85

 Circle Hello print on ply
from Me & Amber
RRP: $50.00

Triple Love print on ply
from Me & Amber
RRP: $60.00

Squirrel cushion
from My Bearded Pigeon
RRP: $49.00

A3 Art Print
from Team Kitten
RRP: $35.00

from Tinyfolk
RRP: $79.00

Framed personalised me we family tree
from me we
RRP: $75.00

Elephant mirror family
from Scoops Design
RRP: $65.00

Hessian buckets duo
from The Dharma Door
RRP: $57.00

Nana Huchy They Got Married tea towel
from Steph Bond-Hutkin
RRP: $24.50

Crown cushion
from Whimsy Milieu
RRP: $55.00

4 x handcraft chalk gift boxes
from Chalk Chook
RRP: $31.80

Handmade Santa sacks
(3 available)
from Sew Craft Cook
RRP: $45.00 each

Bianca Apple Pop dress
from Oobi
RRP: $54.95

Bridgette Large Red Dot hat
from Oobi
RRP: $27.95

Waterproof kid's apron
from max and ella
RRP: $24.95

Evie dress - tartan check
from Udder
RRP: $72.00

English soldier toy
from Nana Huchy
RRP: $41.80

$50 voucher for baked goods
from Alison Lawson Cakes
RRP: $50.00

2 x Nursery wall plaques
from Designed To A T
RRP: $40.00

Candy stripe sun hat
from Moppit and more
RRP: $29.95

Coral Elf dress
from Moppit and more
RRP: $49.95

Stripe crochet dog
from La de dah kids
RRP: $55.00

Spot crochet dog
from La de dah kids
RRP: $55.00

Santa Sack
from Fiona Kate - simple gorgeous storage
RRP: $29.95

5 pack cards
from Cards Delux
RRP: $25.00

30 pack Lego Man crayons
from Poppiisox
RRP: $33.00

Girt By Sea tea towel (2 avail)
from Yardage Design
RRP: $22.00 each

Marie & Me heart cushion
from Down That Little Lane
RRP: $65.00

Marie & Me phone cushion
from Down That Little Lane
RRP: $65.00

Vintage tea cup candle
from Just Like Martha
RRP: $25.00

3 x A4 Art Prints
from The Blissful Brush
RRP: $51.00

Chirpy Chibebe
from Brands United Group
RRP: $109.00

Seedlings cushion cover
from doabit
RRP: $35.00

Skateboard necklace
from Deadwood Creative
RRP: $45.00

30 x washi tape rolls
from Little Paper Lane
RRP: $149.50+

Petal sleeve dress
from Dragstar
RRP: $135.00

Teardrop Tutu - Ruby
from Tutu du Monde
RRP: $159.00

$200 Gift Certificate
from Lark
RRP: $200.00

Hannah Melin art print
from Kindergallery
RRP: $40.00


3 x Wooden wall hooks
from Talo Interiors
RRP: $90.00


Thank You
Thank you Lisa (the red thread) for creating the Bondville Charity Auction logo, for the blog post, and for the donation of your products!
Thank you Tess, Maja and Anna from Polli for the gorgeous instagram shout-out and of course the amazing collar necklace!
Thank you BrisStyle for the great blog post about the charity auction!
Thank you Pippa from Ouch Flower for the amazing blog post and macrame plant hanger donation!
Thank you Anne from Princes Pier for the blog post and the Thea & Sami tea towel donation!
Thank you Jacqueline from Whimsy Millieu for the blog post and update and the gorgeous crown cushion donation!
Thank you Margie from My Very Own Eye Goggles for the beautiful blog post and crochet lamp donation!
Thank you Michelle from MeWe for the blog post and amazing personalised family tree donation!
Thank you Shannon from Aunty Cookie for the blog post and hot, hot, hot gold cushion donation!
Thank you Cate from Go Make Me for the fabulous blog post - love your picks!
Thank you Susie from Flowerpress for the great blog post and tea towel and print donations!
Thank you Kristina and Jason from Inaluxe for the blog post and amazing donation of 3 large prints!
Thank you Alana from Poppies for Grace for the blog post and the gorgeous fancies and garland!
Thank you Barbara from Patchwork Cactus for the fab blog post!
Thank you Melissa from Moppit and more for the blog post and cute girl's dress and hat!


  1. Fabulous idea, congratulations to all in making this happen.

  2. Thank you Luisa! I can't wait to hand over the e-cheque to the CCIA for the kids.


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