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Thank you so much for your interest in advertising on Bondville. I am currently accepting advertisers for Bondville from the best of Australia's designers in the lifestyle, home and kids categories. Join me in bringing the best of Australian design to my more than 10,000 loyal monthly readers on the website and over 11,000 RSS, Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram followers. Here are five great options for both larger brands and small businesses:

1. Bondville Online Shopping Directory

Join the team of companies providing design-savvy products and services in the lifestyle, home and kids categories on the Bondville Online Shopping Directory. A 12-month listing includes:
+ one product included in the popular Bondville Christmas Gift Guide
+ one product included in the mid-year Gift Guide
+ your text-linked company name featured on the sidebar of Bondville (every page of the site)
+ your 550px x 100px banner on the shopping directory
+ your text-linked company name on the shopping directory
+ up to 35 word company description on the shopping directory

Your listing is only AUD $100.00 for 12 months. The next Bondville Online Shopping Directory membership period is from 1st January 2016 - 30th June 2016. Get an Early Bird listing to be included in the 2015 Christmas Gift GuideContact me now at to secure your position.

And click here to join the Bondville Media advertising mailing list to be alerted for the next intake. I don't want you to miss out!

Lauren from Moccs for Tots was so generous to share with her Instagram audience, "If you guys aren't already subscribed to Steph's amazing Bondville blog/directory - do it! Steph is an incredibly talented woman and if you have a business, you NEED to get in touch with her! She's currently working on a range of Christmas gift guides, the first of which I was lucky enough to be a part of! Get your products on the Bondville Directory! I can't recommend it highly enough!" November 2015

A huge thanks to Amy from Happy As Larry Designs who said, "We have been a sponsor of Bondville for the past few years and Steph is an avid supporter of Australian design. I highly recommend getting on her customer directory listing or becoming a sponsor. It is very reasonable and Steph goes the extra mile to support your biz." June 2015

The directory is such a great, well-priced option for businesses to gain exposure, such as Janet from children's clothing brand MIDA who kindly said, "Thank you for the wonderful service - I have recommended to all. We have customers who mentioned they found us via Bondville. I manage my own website and I do see quality SEO ranking power from your site. One of my best investments!" Dec 2012.

2. Photo shoot product placement

Australian Kids' Room photo shoots are editorial pieces on Bondville featuring your products! Each month a guest stylist and I will style the Bondville studio as a child's room, showing off amazing Australian products. See example here. For $150, one of your products will be featured in a photo shoot, with a minimum of 3 photos published on the Bondville blog and social media accounts (10k+ followers), and provided to you in high-resolution to use for your own promotion and marketing. It's an extremely cost-effective way to receive high-quality content that you can use commercially, as well as reaching a targeted audience.

3. Bondville advertorial post

Perfect for launches and new-season products, an advertorial post is written by me (I will take an Australian-design angle) and marked clearly as an advertorial post. Posts are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and the Bondville email newsletter. Booking early helps secure an editorial spot, as some weeks may be full.

4. Major sponsorship

Major sponsorship of Bondville is available for brands looking for significant visual and editorial exposure on the site as a Bondville Partner. Major site sponsorship includes:
+ four Bondville Partner advertorial posts (example 1 here and example 2 here) per 12 months, and promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, Instagram and the Bondville email newsletter.
+ your large static 300px x 125px rectangle banner will be displayed on the Bondville sidebar for 12 months
+ your static 300px x 125px banner will be displayed on the monthly Best of Bondville newsletter
+ complimentary listing in the Bondville Online Shopping Directory (see above)

"eeni meeni miini moh® + e3-M® are long time sponsors of Bondville, who are a perfect fit for our brand. Steph from Bondville is amazing to work with and always goes the extra mile to produce beautiful posts that reflect the eeni meeni miini moh® + e3-M® design ethos. Bondville has always been a consistent referral source for eeni meeni miini moh® + e3-M®. We love being a part of the Bondville community and look forward to continuing our successful relationship."
Kim Eu, Publicity Manager, eeni meeni miini moh® + e3-M®

5. Category Sponsorship

The premium level of advertising on Bondville is editorial sponsorship of the very popular categories - Real Kids' Parties, Real Kids' Rooms and Australian Kids' Fashion. Sponsorship includes a 550px wide banner at the top of the category pages, as well as a brand logo with link at the bottom of every post in the category. This is an enormous amount of coverage integrated into the most popular posts of the site. Sponsorship also includes a premium listing in the Bondville Online Shopping Directory.

Join these great brands who currently support Bondville through major sponsorship and category sponsorship:

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Please email me at to register your interest any of the above advertising opportunities and to receive the full rate card. Click here to join the Bondville Media advertising mailing list and be alerted when the online shopping directory applications open twice-yearly.


I love getting feedback from my readers!

"We love Steph and her blog Bondville. It's an award-winning Australian design blog for kids and there is always something new, exciting and inspiring to be discovered there! Take a look." Janette, My Sweet Prints, February 2015

"So beautiful! I bought the cushions from your last post! such a lovely company - Happy As Larry Designs, I love them!" Anni, November 2014

"Always such a gorgeous and wonderful read" Melony, June 2014

"Just adorable. I am always reading your blog. Thanks for the continuously great content. :) " Saffron, May 2014

"Loving my new #boxy necklace :) thanks @sbond for pointing them out :))" Siobhan, July 2013

"You find the best stuff! I'm going to buy this for a friend's kid now!" Joanne, July 2013

"What a nice idea - today I've ordered two of the lovely bracelets - I really love them! Happy greetings from the other side of the world (Zurich, Switzerland)." Masha, June 2013 

"Thanks Steph, I've had 2 x bdays to buy for in the last month, so sis-in-law got Zillpa rope bowls (which she loved) and a friend now has an ellie beck bracelet on the way to her. Must be time for a selfie present next methinks. Cheers." Rachael, June 2013

"Love them! I want yellow! Just bought some thanks." Gemma, May 2013

"Love your blog and love these glasses. I went straight in to their Greville Street store, chose a pair and am loving them. Thanks x" Frances, April 2013

"Love your blog posts in my inbox each day. Thanks for sharing your life and interests Steph." Kate, January 2013

"It's an awesome page. Love reading all about your finds etc." Don, January 2013

"We bought Calvin one of those cardboard cubby houses after reading your post a few months ago. He loves it!" Renee, January 2013

"I recently found your blog as a source for a lot of hits with my etsy shop, so seeing that my client loved the aprons and put this much work into it and you featured the party here is really awesome. It's a way for me to see the outcome of something I'd normally just hear about. Very cool." Rachel, October 2012

Please get in contact with me by email - I would love to hear from you.
Best wishes,

Steph Bond-Hutkin
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