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Hi, I'm Steph Bond-Hutkin. 

Welcome to Bondville - an Australian lifestyle and kids' design blog, established in December 2003 and based in Sydney.

This blog encapsulates my personal taste - you'll find more than 1,500 articles that I have written, showcasing emerging Australian designers, beautiful products for Mum, Kids and Home, party ideas, kids' interiors inspiration and trends to keep you ahead of the curve.

I am hugely passionate about supporting the local Australian creative community, and I encourage you to shop small, buy locally, support handmade products, and get behind Australian designers and makers.

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  • Gift Ideas - featuring Australian-designed products for Mum, Kids and Home

About Me

My personal philosophy is to live the very best life I can through what I bring to our home and family, whether that is food, products, education, parenting, art, beauty, values and ethics. I'm  interested in value, integrity and quality products that are meaningful, make a difference, or make someone's life brighter. I'm a big believer in creating and making as much as we can - whether that is making dinner from scratch, sewing, crafting, art, gardening, photography, DIY renovating, building a cubby for the kids, or creating a blog to share things online.

We have two daughters, aged 7 and 9 and live in a 1970's Petitt & Sevitt home on top of a huge sandstone rock in the tree tops bordering on Lane Cove National Park in the north-west suburbs of Sydney. I'm a conservationist and environmentalist, with a strong love for native landscapes and wildlife. My day job is at Solar Analytics (we provide software monitoring, diagnostics and data for residential solar power systems). Our little family travels every year to see our family in the US and on the Sunshine Coast, and miss our little miniature schnauzer dog Molly who we had until she was almost 15 years old. I love yoga and bellydancing - I take classes at Inspire Bellydance and sometimes perform at local festivals. That's heaps about me - what about you? I'd love to connect with you on social media - see all the links below.

Guest Posts

Thanks for your interest. I don't host guest posts.

Blog Submissions

If you are interested in submitting an Australian-based party, kids room tour, Australian-designed kids fashion label, or Australian-designed products for Mum, Kids and Home for editorial consideration, please check out the Submissions page.


I own the copyright for all the content on this site and it is based on my own opinion. All images on this site are clearly credited to their owners. My own images are copyrighted content and may only be used with permission (please email me!). My articles may not be re-posted anywhere else on the Internet or in any form of media.


Commentary and opinions are my own. Product reviews and Advertorials are clearly marked.  I sometimes use some affiliate links where relevant and appropriate.


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Steph Bond-Hutkin

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