27 March 2016

The Best Brands from Kids InStyle Sydney 2016

Kids InStyle Sydney is always a must-do on my kids' industry calendar - to catch-up with favourite brands, check out trends, and scout for new Australian kids' designers. The 2016 show in Sydney showcased more of what we've loved in the last year - pastels, monochrome, fruit, unicorns, Aussie-Scandi style, graphic prints on kids' clothes, and a lasting interest in children's rooms. Read on for my favourite brands and trends from the show this year.

I started my morning at Kids InStyle at a blogger's breakfast, hosted by Life InStyle and styled to perfection by Megan Morton. We all received some beautiful gifts that set the tone for the event:

Wanderlust travel candle from Down To The Woods, greeting card from Toodles Noodles, notebook from Blacklist and wall art print from Rachel Kennedy Designs.

Time was limited, but I managed to quickly zoom around Kids InStyle; these are the brands that stopped me in my tracks:

1. Aunty Em

Honestly. What a show stopper. Australian-designed and made, Aunty Em's beautiful clothes for girls have a distinctly European influence. They're real party dresses featuring unicorns, painterly patterns, china vase florals, and hydrangeas. Aunty Em is Best in Show for me, with dramatic silhouettes, stunning quality and classy styling that is so different from the crowd. Look out for the new range hitting stores in September 2016.

2. Phoenix and the Fox

Another brilliant year from Australian kids' clothing brand Phoenix and the Fox (my Best in Show for 2015). These guys just get pattern. There are tees, rompers, shorts and dresses from 0-4 years.

3. Huxbaby

Another amazing Australian brand for little kids age 0-5 years, Huxbaby shone last year with bold, monochrome, unisex graphics, mostly organic fabrics, and this year is adding just a hint of colour with steel blue and deep salmon. The little jumpers are too cute.

4. Sack Me

Australian children's bedding brand Sack Me continuously brings out fun, bright soft homewares that kids love. This year heavily features fruit to lounge around and cuddle up with.

5. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh is all about glitter, feathers, and all things pretty for little girls, handmade in Australia. They are well-known for their beautiful feather crown headbands, and this year I also love the riding hats topped with fluffy pom poms.

Other brands that stood out included Bella & Lace's beautiful girl's clothes, Laikonik's enduringly-special Once A Year books, Down To The Woods' mini deer, and the always on-trend Incy Interiors' children's furniture.

Congratulations to all the Australian designers working their butts off to bring us beautiful, local products for kids.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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