5 February 2016

How to quickly change out artwork with Flat Pack Frame

If you're anything like me, you've got a stash of wall art that you'd like to swap out more often, but the hassle of taking down the frame, dealing with those hard little metal pieces at the back, and getting the positioning right makes it too much of a headache. I recently came across these Australian-made all-timber frames that connect with magnets, making it super fast and easy to change out artwork. Introducing Flat Pack Frame...

These guys are based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and are currently crowdfunding for their first production on Kickstarter. Delivery is expected by June/July, and you can grab yourself a bargain by being an early crowdfunder (there are 100 early bird rewards - half price 4" x 6" frames).

The frames are delivered as a small package (flat-packed), and you literally click together three frame sides (the magnets ensure they are always positioned perfectly), slide in the artwork, and click the last part of the frame on top.

Note that this design doesn't hold glass (there are plans in the works for a version that also holds glass or clear film). The frame is solid wood (Tasmanian Oak or Jarrah) and the genius part is that the frame comes with a built-in level, so they are always hung perfectly.

I have a bunch of beautiful posters and art prints that I would like to swap out regularly, and I think this is a brilliant way to showcase kids' own artworks. Their dream gallery wall is a little more obtainable, as the artworks are so easy to change.

It's really a great product by a furniture craftsman and I hope that Aussies get behind a local brand for their crowdfunding. Congrats Stephen and team!

Images: Flat Pack Frame


  1. Wow these look great Steph! Like you I would love to change my art around more often and use the kids' paintings... this looks like the answer. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I'm glad you like them too Jo. Let me know if they end up working for you! x


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