26 January 2016

Why we should love Australiana again

Why should we love Australiana again? Because it's uniquely us. Because we absolutely should be proud of our iconic flora, fauna and scenery. Because we're supporting Australian design talent. And because it's now cool! There are so many clever Australian designers making beautiful products that don't scream souvenir anymore; and that we should be as proud to show off in our homes as vegemite in our cupboards. Here are some of my current favourite homewares that embrace Australia as an icon:
1. Absolutely first cab off the rank is this beautiful Australian map timber shelf by One Two Tree. It's such a great statement item for a room, and perfect for hosting mini treasures and collections. Love it to bits.

2. MOZI always have great Australiana in their homewares collections and I'm partial to this season's Cocky sequin tote. Parrots are big news in art and homewares and the sequins give this cocky a bit of glam.

3. This classic Australiana design from one of the original fabric wall decal designers Love Mae gets our seal of approval and is constantly being re-arranged by Miss 8 on the wall in her bedroom.

4. Make Me Iconic really are the very best at modern Australiana. There isn't one thing from their collections that I wouldn't love. More sequins - this time an almost-edible fairy bread coin purse.

5. I have this Sydney tea towel by Supertrooper Studio framed in our house; I couldn't bare to get it dirty in the kitchen!

6. Bonnie and Neil just nailed it with their original cockatoo photographic print cushion, and they continue to make beautiful homewares in a similar style, including this kookaburra beauty.

There are also so many gorgeous photographs and artworks featuring Australian flora, fauna and scenery - I'll continue to showcase them here on Bondville so stop by anytime you are looking for a real souvenir or gift for overseas friends and family!

Image curated by: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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