28 January 2016

Let the kids get themselves ready for school - free printable daily to-do list

Today is the first day back at school for my girls and I was so surprised that their brand new lunchboxes initiated enough excitement them to make their own lunches (hallelujah!).

Last term, I also started a checklist that they ticked off each morning (in rainbow-coloured pens of course), to help them become more responsible for being ready on time (and to stop me from repeating myself a thousand times). It worked a treat!

I've just put together this year's checklist with every step to get ready (including some pocket money duties), and included an area for extra things to take for school by day (such as news, homework, sports clothes), and after school (activities, afternoon tea, change of clothes etc). You can download it and customise it for yourself, for free, right here! (.xls file)

My girls like to start the week with red and tick each box they have completed before school. Each day they change the colour to create a rainbow by the end of the week. It's somehow self-motivating - no stickers, no bribes, no gifts, and no nagging (much).

You might like to add rows, remove some, and of course change the default activities that I have popped in. Happy new school year!

Steph x

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