15 January 2016

Label all the things with Hippo Blue for back-to-school

I know I say it every year, but THIS year I will be organised well before school starts. And that means actually labeling every stationery and clothing item. There are usually good intentions, but I always leave it too late. This year Bondville sponsor Hippo Blue comes to the rescue with neat label packs with truly great designs that you can completely customise with charcters, colours, fonts and name.

Get your kids involved over the school holidays too - arm them with a pack of stickers, and give them the task of labelling everything. It's a fun activity and another job ticked off on the to-do list! Small name labels for pencils and other small items are $14.95 (25% off):

Large name labels are perfect for just about everything from books to lunchboxes and water bottles (they are dishwasher safe and waterproof) - $19.95:

These iron-on clothing labels will be going on more than just their uniforms and jumpers; use them for any clothes that they may end up leaving at out of hours care, friends' houses, swimming classes and after-school activities - $19.95:

Shoes were the ones I never thought I would need. Why would they ever take their school shoes off at school? Well, sometimes they do, but actually it would be way more useful to have shoe labels for my girls so that they can quickly put the right shoes on at home (they are constantly wearing each others' shoes by accident), or for when visiting friends' houses, when there are several pairs of shoes and socks kicked off at the door - $19.95:

I know parents who are constantly on tenterhooks about their children's food allergies - for good reason. These allergy safety labels are brilliant; they have a clear message, and are cute enough for the child to be proud of - $19.95:

You can buy your labels a la carte, or take advantage of savings with the selection of value packs, saving up to 52%. You'll also find some great promotions on other back-to-school products including up to 20% off personalised bags (see my post about the bags here), and 25% off personalised stationery (read more about them here).

You can make your own personalised labels by choosing characters, colour-ways, fonts and names at at the Hippo Blue website. Get FREE shipping when you spend $50 or more at Hippo Blue with the code BTS2016. Offer ends 31st January 2016.

Images: Hippo Blue

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  1. Sounds Fabulous - Moms will definitely love such online store where they can personalized special moments of their children. the concept behind customized name labels and wall decals is the great idea.


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