19 January 2016

How To Make A Puppy Cake

If you'd like squeals of delight from your little animal-lover on on their birthday, make a puppy cake, just like the two cute puppies that I made for my daughter's 6th birthday! These cakes are inspired by the dog cakes from Breadtop bakeries, but I decided to make them myself using my own flavours (and much more within my budget!). Read on for all the tips and tricks...


1 Swiss roll per puppy. You can make these, but I bought mine from a grocery store for about $5 each; I chose lamington (vanilla sponge with jam, chocolate and coconut) for the white puppy, and a chocolate roll for the brown puppy.
1 quantity of buttercream icing for two puppies (salted butter, icing sugar, cream, vanilla, cocoa)
2 Maltesers per puppy
1 chocolate melt per puppy
1 pink or red jellybean per puppy
1 icing flower or bow per puppy (optional)


1. Make up a batch of buttercream icing. I love this Best Buttercream Icing recipe.

2. Place the swiss roll on the plate that you intend to serve the cake on. You could dollop some icing under the roll to make sure the puppy doesn't move around too much.

3. Carefully cut the outer layer of swiss roll about 2cm from the edge of the roll to make the puppy's snout. You want to end up with a remnant piece of sponge cake in the shape of a rainbow.

4. Use the remnants cut from the sponge cake to make feet and two small ears. Use a small dot of buttercream to attach each piece to the side of the body and the top of the head.

5. Using a small star nozzle, pipe buttercream very carefully in long strokes from the top of the swiss roll, down the side of the body, over the feet, and down to the plate to create the puppy's coat. Don't rush this part! Make a swirl of buttercream for the puppy's tail.

6. Place the Maltezers on the top of the snout for eyes, use a chocolate melt for the nose, and use a pink or red jellybean for the mouth/tongue. You can leave the puppy as-is, or decorate it with a little flower or bow. I had two sugar flowers on hand that I used; you could use any decoration. Just remember to remove it before serving if it is inedible.

7. For the brown puppy, add cocoa to the buttercream mixture and repeat. I found that the extra cocoa made the buttercream thicker, which gave the chocolate puppy a cool, scruffy texture. I liked the contrast with the silky coat of the white puppy.

Enjoy your puppy cakes!

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Thank you so much for this. My daughter really wanted a dog cake for her birthday (as seen when we pass breadtop) but it costs a fortune to buy. Ill try to attempt making this for her. :))


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