16 January 2016

Bondville 6 year old Puppy Party

We usually only have a day to pull together our youngest's birthday party each year as it's just after the festive season, but that is a great excuse to keep things sweet and simple which to me is perfect. Miss Six loves all things puppy, cuddly, and animal-related, so we found this super-cute invitation by Meg Bartholomy, and emailed it out over the holidays. I used the chocolate, pink and orange colours from the invites as the basis for the party decorations and food. I had also spotted fun puppy cakes in BreadTop, but on my small budget I decided I could make them myself, and with the flavours I wanted. Read on for all my tips for creating a sweet puppy/animal party on a budget!

Party: Our six year old's birthday party
Organised by: Me! (Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville)
Location: at home in Sydney
Theme: Loosely puppy/animal themed - based on this invitation

Invitation: The party decor was themed around this very sweet invitation by Meg Bartholomy of olliegraphic for OMHG. I didn't have time to print them out, so opened them in Photoshop and personalised each invitation with names and coloured font, and emailed out eight little friends.

Cake: Puppy cakes made by me! I was inspired by the puppy cakes at bakery chain BreadTop, but didn't have that kind of budget, and wanted to use my own flavours. I used a chocolate roll and lamington roll that I bought from the grocery, and made vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting to decorate them. Tutorial here on Bondville.

Party food: Our party was a morning tea, so we kept it very simple with the just a few yummy treats and a bowl of chips:

Chocolate milk: I added chocolate milk to little Italian juice bottles that I keep on hand for parties, and decorated with the characters from the party invitations and orange-striped straws.

Butterfly cupcakes: I used the small cakes recipe from the Frankie magazine Afternoon Tea book, and took off the top of the cupcake, popped in a dollop of strawberry and rhubarb jam, and then topped with plain whipped cream and a few hundreds and thousands. They weren't too sweet and were small enough to handle for little ones.

Teacup jellies: I make these jellies for all our birthday parties as they are so simple. I bought the teacups a few years ago from St Vinnies, and simply add a dollop of plain whipped cream and a raspberry.

Decorations: I went through the party box and pulled out pink and orange lanterns - two colours from the cute party invitations. I hung them from the beams using fishing line. I also had some plain linen-coloured bunting that I made a few years ago using this pattern by My Poppet

Games/activities: This party was all about the games and Mr Bondville put together a bunch of animal-themed Minute To Win It games (search online - there are heaps). We kept score on a blackboard, but didn't give out any prizes. We also played a fun blind taste test game that the kids loved - just make up a plate for each child with a tiny sample of food to taste and they have to guess what each item is. Hilarious!

Tips: Kids don't really eat that much food, so don't make too much, especially if you want them to eat the cake. Have lots of games ready to play. You only really need one hero decoration or cake to make it feel like a party.

Something special: We made up very simple goodie bags using items we already had on hand (mini erasers, pencils, bookmarks) as well as leftover Maltesers and some Kool Mints I happened to have in the cupboard. The goodie bags were plain white that I already had, and I added a character from the invitation to each one.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. You inspire me. Such beautiful cakes, decorations for your daughter's birthday. It looks like a very fun day.

    1. Thank you Brenda! It's always so lovely to see my girls' reactions. That's what I do it for!

  2. You're amazing! Those cakes look fabulous.

  3. Waiting patiently for the puppy cake tutorial.....;-)

    1. Your wish is my command, lovely! http://blog.stephbond.com/2016/01/how-to-make-puppy-cake.html

  4. best. cakes. ever!!!! great job Steph!

  5. I love love love your5 blog........What a beautiful puppy cake! In my experience i have found that kids adore animals and this style of cake would be a big hit! You have inspired me to make one of my own now!
    Laura Viskovich


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