11 December 2015

Fun, bright two-year-old boy's room - Instagram winner

Lucky little two-year-old Christian has an amazing bedroom designed by his Mum Nina. And soon it will also include the gorgeous Little Red Industries tree shelf as Christian's room has won Round 3 of the Australian Kids Room competition on Instagram. It's light, bright and has great balance. I really like the simplicity of this white room with its neutral furniture and great use of primary colours. Read on for Nina's advice on putting together a fun boy's room:

Room: Christian's bedroom (the tiniest room in our house)
Age: 2
Designed by: Mum and jewellery designer Nina (@Eva_and_Tissy)
Location: Melbourne

Umbrella artwork: Pax and Hart
Chest of drawers: IKEA
Bed: Bedshed
Cactus cushion: My Little Echo
Doona cover: Country Road
Peace Cushion: Children of the Tribe
Bed snake: Ferm Living
Crocheted dinosaur: La de dah Kids
Rabbit toy on bed: Fancy Nulle toy by Lucky Boy Sunday
Knitted cloud cushion: Ko Ko Ko
Heico Lamby Lamb lamp: from Leo and Bella
Sailor artwork: Depeapa
Wooden robot: Cubebot by Areaware
'Things' wall chart: Blink Designs
Wall plates: Helen Dardik melanine plates
Toy basket: Country Road
Crocheted toys: La de dah Kids
Clown toy: Maileg
Hanging rack: Replica Furniture

For me, the Blink Designs 'Things' print is the hero of the room and I love how Nina has picked up the colours from this artwork in all the other pieces in the room: the green in the cactus cushion, Pax and Hart print and Make Me Iconic tram toy, the red in the doona cover wire basket and wall plates, the blue in the world cushion, backpack and wall plates, yellow in the pillow cases, tram toy and Leog storage and even the wood tones in the fame with the bed, microbot, hat, and wall hanging piece.

I asked Nina a few questions about putting together Christian's room:

If money/time/space was no object, what would you love to include in this room? 
A 'Such Great Heights' tent and a beautiful rug

What is your son's favourite part of the room? 
Definitely his bed.... reading in it, jumping on it, hiding under the covers and sleeping of course.

Any tips or tricks that you can share for making a fun boy's room? 
Don't be afraid of colour... you don't have to stick to a two colour theme or 'boyish' colours and don't take it too seriously.

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Images: Nina (@Eva_and_Tissy)

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