4 September 2015

Dulux Australia 2016 Colour Forecast - Bio Fragility

This week I was lucky to attend a presentation on Dulux's 2016 colour forecast for Australia. Can you imagine having that job? So fun! (and so much hard work). Andrea Lucena-Orr from Dulux took us through the four colour stories for next year; and introduced a beautiful piece made for each palette by an Australian artisan. They are amazing! Here is the first of the four colour stories and how you can decorate for kids using the palette:

Bio Fragility

This is the most natural palette to translate for children's interiors. The pastels that we have seen over the past few years continue in strength with this grouping of soft, muted colours.

Styling: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King for Dulux Colour Trends 2016 - Bio Fragility palette.
Photographer: Lisa Cohen
Paints used: Dulux Wash & Wear 101 Barrier Technology in Matamata, Partita, Lilac Suede, Deduction and Dulux Aquanamel in Snow Season Quarter.

The beautiful Porcelena Bowl on the side table was made especially for this colour story by Melbourne designers Porcelain Bear.

Here are some beautiful Australian-designed products for kids' interiors that work beautifully with the Bio Fragility palette - a timeless aesthetic that will grow with your child:

Get this look, from top:

What do you think of this style? I'll bring you the other three Dulux 2016 colour stories over the next few weeks.

Image curated by: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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