25 September 2015

Adam Liaw Asian Cookery School masterclass + Win a cooking class

We've got a well-used wok in our kitchen, a steamer I have used only once, and all the right condiments for Asian cooking; but I find myself falling back onto the staples - fried rice, stirfry, and sometimes wonton soup. Lucky, then, that my cooking inspiration has been given a big boost with a private masterclass with Adam Liaw at the gorgeous Williams-Sonoma Sydney Cooking School kitchen at Bondi Junction.

Ten of us eagerly absorbed every word, then were put to work creating Steamed Ginger Chicken, Rice Paper Rolls and Nuoc Cham from Adam's new book Asian Cookery School. So fun! Read on for photos and your chance to win a spot at a masterclass with Adam Liaw to experience for yourself.

The place-settings were gorgeous, with calligraphy by Anastasia (The Articulate), sitting on denim napkins.

Adam was charming, down-to-earth and incredibly knowledgeable - sharing his tips and tricks generously.

Lexi from Williams-Sonoma is a genius at pulling together beautiful events; she enlisted Holly Hipwell (The Flower Drum) to style all the flowers - they looked amazing next to the copper in the Williams-Sonoma cooking school kitchen.

We teamed up to make steamed ginger chicken; the clever technique of cooking the chicken inside the serving bowl (within the steamer) meant keeping all the juices intact and made for very moist chicken.

Kaitlin from Eat, Read Love and I partnered up to make the Nuoc Cham with rice paper rolls, working together to get the balance right with the dipping sauce (balance the sweet and sour first, then add the savoury!).

It was a very relaxed cooking class; Adam encouraged us to chat with him as we would if we were cooking with him in his own kitchen. No question was trivial enough to ask.

It was a lovely touch to find a personal quote by Adam on reverse side of our place settings.

We served up our food and ate together feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

The cooking masterclass was also a great opportunity to get to know some of the other bloggers; what a lovely bunch. 

The book is gorgeous and full of tips and hints that you would never think of. I've already given my steamer a run for it's money and cooked the dishes above, as well as the Spinach with Sesame Dressing (omg so good). You can find Asian Cookery School in the Williams-Sonoma online store, in-store as well as bookstores nation-wide.

If you would like to win the chance to join a masterclass with Adam Liaw on Tuesday 6th October 2015, 12pm - 2pm, simply head to the Williams-Sonoma website to enter. Competition ends this Sunday 27th October 2015!

Thanks so much Williams-Sonoma and Hachette for having me; I'm feeling much inspired to branch out with my Asian cooking.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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