26 August 2015

Trend: Katherine Sabbath-Style Crazy Cakes

It's my daughter's 8th birthday party in just over a week and with a loose Royals theme, she has requested a 'Crazy Cake', inspired by the explosion of goodies and topping madness on Baking Goddess Katherine Sabbath's drip cakes. I follow Katherine on Instagram and my daughter is smitten.

I did a quick search, and guess what - Katherine's crazy cakes are now officially a trend that is sweeping the baking world. Expect to see lots of amazing cakes inspired by Katherine's work popping up at birthday parties. Feast your eyes on some of my favourite of Katherine's cakes for some birthday cake ideas:

What do you think - would you give it a go? Looks like fun! This great article on Delish takes you through how to create a Katherine Sabbath-inspired cake.

You'll find many inspiring photos by Katherine on her Instagram feed. You might also get some ideas from other bakers here on Instagram inspired by Katherine's work.

If you make a cake in Katherine's distinct style, don't forget to tag @katherine_sabbath and use the #katherinesabbath hashtag.

EDIT: Here's the cake that I made for my daughter in Katherine's syle! She loved it to bits. You can read all about it and the rest of her party here on Bondville.

All photos copyright Katherine Sabbath except last photo by Steph Bond-Hutkin for Bondville