23 June 2015

Taking Stock - June 2015

I love this Taking Stock list developed by Pip at Meet Me At Mike's, that I've also spotted over on Jodi's blog Practising Simplicity and Briar's blog Sunday Collector. It's a nice opportunity to look at all the things going on in your life; writing them down seems to get them out of my head where they don't need to be swirling! If you would like to join in too, head to Meet Me At Mike's for the blank form.

Making: a mega gift guide for Bondville with lots of ideas for kids from local online stores.
Cooking: Buddha Bowls - really just a bowl full of veggies and protein; totally my kind of cooking.
Drinking: T2 Chai tea - 2/3 milk and 1/3 tea. Is it weird that I save my leftover tea and keep it in the fridge to make it for the next day too?
Reading: school readers, magic words, and library books with my youngest.
Wanting: a large Armadillo & Co. daisy rug for our foyer.
Looking: at the last magenta blooms on the Tibouchina tree out my window.
Playing: the BFG audio book on car trips.
Deciding: on a new direction for my Consulting business.
Wishing: that I had more time to get all my kids' clothes that they have grown out of up on eBay.
Enjoying: my beautiful Cyclamen that I received as a gift from a friend.
Waiting: for my new niece to arrive in 6 months' time.
Liking: that I have a facial gift certificate to book in and look forward to.
Wondering: if Guitar Hero would make a good gift for Father's Day; it's been 10 years since we owned it when we were living in NYC. I might have a look on eBay.
Loving: the feeling of getting on top of things.
Pondering: a trip to Castaway Island, Fiji. Take me back.
Considering: the options and activities for school holidays coming up - tennis camp? gymnastics?
Buying: bush honey, wholemeal bread, butter, brown rice and salmon on the grocery list today.
Watching: River Cottage Australia and being inspired by the rural life.
Hoping: that the exchange rate improves before we go to the US this year.
Marvelling: at how my 5-year-old is learning how to read; it's all clicking into place; so exciting.
Cringing: at the amount of housework I need to get done this week.
Needing: a fireplace at our house; every winter we say the same thing.
Questioning: what to keep and what to throw out in the never-ending purge at our place.
Smelling: incense that I have been putting on as an incentive to do some yoga at home. It's not working.
Wearing: my new navy, cream and orange woollen scarf that I received from my parents for my birthday. It's perfect.
Following: up last night's 9:30pm bedtime with another tonight; sleep is my tonic.
Noticing: that I haven't eaten much today; must fuel up for the rest of the day.
Knowing: that I have dinner sorted tonight; love that.
Thinking: about how to makeover our country kitchen into something more my style without spending much money.
Admiring: fit people with lots of energy to burn.
Sorting: the craft/storage/office/study into a clean, tidy room without piles of crap on the floor and every paper filed.
Getting: excited for our trip to the Blue Mountains in the school holidays.
Bookmarking: things to do at the Blue Mountains.
Coveting: a nude and rose gold watch from The Horse.
Disliking: having cold feet; bring me my uggies.
Opening: my shopping directory up for new listings - let your firends with small businesses know!
Giggling: at Amy Schumer. She is so cheeky!
Feeling: grateful that I got to spend time with a lovely 101-year-old lady over the past few years, and bittersweet that she passed on last week.
Snacking: on no-sugar wholemeal banana and blueberry muffins that I whipped up on Sunday.
Helping: the girls collect our neighbour's mail and feed their fish while they are away
Hearing: peace and quiet and enjoying it before school holidays next week.

If you are taking stock, please link below so I can read through yours too.

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville