12 June 2015

Nepal Vision Service earthquake fundraising auction

I'm sure it's still fresh in most of your minds that Nepal suffered an earthquake on 25th April 2015 that caused immeasurable damage. The wonderful Amy Easton from Happy As Larry Designs - who works closely with her team in Nepal to create her beautiful felt products - has initiated this fantastic fundraiser to 100% support Nepal Vision Service on the ground in Kathmandu. There are over $4,000 worth of Australian designer products up for auction. Hurry - runs until June 14th, 2015!

These are just a handful of the great products donated by Australian designers and retailers: 1. ice cream garland from Kaivalya 2. Le Toy Van Market Stall from Sweet Creations, 3. Jimmy Cricket Fruity wall stickers from Harley & Soo, 4. Doughnut felt ball rug from Happy As Larry Designs 5. Magazine bundle from Tickle The Imagination, 6. Pop Factory ticket to the moon pillowcase from Harley & Soo 7. Jane Foster DIY Foxes softie kit from Happy As Larry Designs 8. OMM Designs black cat poster from Happy As Larry Designs 9. Kip & Co limited edition bed (last one ever) from Incy Interiors.

The team from Nepal Vision Service are based in Kathmandu providing emergency kits for affected residents. The auction runs through until 14th June 2015. Click here to see all the products and place your bid!

Thank you so much Amy for so generously putting together this auction; I know the crazy number of hours it takes to put together and manage. Let's raise stacks!