7 May 2015

Dan300 x Eubi portable mobile charger

Oh look - technology that's not ugly! In fact, it's downright cute. This is a universal portable mobile phone and tablet charger by Australian design powerhouse Dan300 in collaboration with Melbourne-based Eubi.

My phone battery barely gets me through the day anymore. Eubi to the rescue! Simply charge up your Eubi at home and pop it in your bag, car, anywhere, and use to charge up your phone or tablet on the go. It really takes the hassle out of looking for an electrical socket, or taking your charger everywhere with you, not to mention the sloooooow phone charger in the car. And seriously, how good-looking is it.

I love this technology to bits. Another great Mother's Day idea too! You can find the Dan300 x Eubi mobile charger in the Dan300 online store.

Image: Dan300

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