14 April 2015

5th Birthday pink dance party

It's a five-year-old girl's dream party - lots of pink, delicious treats, all your friends, and a dance party! Accalia's Mum and Dad always put together amazing parties for their girls (see the fairy princess party here, bubbas and bears here), and this one was no exception. Holly Hiphop was the star of the show, teaching the kids some cool moves and playing games with them. Accalia's Mum Renay kindly shares with us her tips and tricks for putting together a fun pink dance party:

Party: Accalia's 5th Birthday Party
Organised by: Mum Renay
Location: Sydney, NSW
Theme: Dance Party

Cake: Heart-shaped chocolate cake made by Mum, covered with pink buttercream icing and tiny heart sprinkles.

Party Food: Pink and white lamingtons from My little Cupcake, Neutral Bay, NSW: 

Lolly cones displayed in a cupcake holder:

Cupcakes with pink buttercream icing made by Mum Renay:

Macarons threaded onto straws and displayed in a pot from IKEA:

Buttered Popcorn in icecream serving tubs:

Decorations: Keep it simple with pink honeycomb balls, tissue paper poms, balloons, paper napkins and flowers.

Birthday Girl wears: Silver sequin heart tee with white tulle skirt and silver leopard-print hightop sneakers.

Games/activities: Holly Hip Hop from Dancing Queen parties taught the girls a dance routine and played games including limbo.

Renay does such a beautiful job with her daughters' parties and cleverly creates a look cohesive by keeping with a pink and white colour palette with a touch of red throughout the party decor and food. It's smart to invest in a few key party pieces (the white vases and tray, the cupcake stand, cake stand, and sturdy honeycomb balls) that can be re-used for other parties.

See more real Australian kids' birthday parties here on Bondville.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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