27 February 2015

Flow Hive beehive with honey on tap

What an amazing Australian design by Byron Bay beekeepers (and Father and Son team) Stuart and Cedar Anderson. A few friends had passed on info about the amazing Flow Hive beehive invention that launched this week that allows you to extract honey via a tap on the hive, instead of smoking the bees and removing the frames. Less stress for the bees and incredibly easy for the owner. It's a brilliant way to introduce people to beekeeping, especially for kids.

Have you noticed a lack of honey supply at your grocery store recently? There are many things to say about the importance of bees, but in a nutshell, bees around the world are in huge amounts of trouble, and as 90% of our crops rely on bees for fertilisation, we are facing an enormous food problem. If this low-stress beehive can make beekeeping more accessible (particularly in non-pesticide areas), then this baby could help make a serious difference for us all.

Flow Hive launched on indiegogo this week and the first hives will be delivered later this year. (These guys started out trying to raise $70k and had received more than $2.2M in crowdfunding within 24 hours!). Order your Flow Hive on the indiegogo page and read more on the Flow Hive website.

Image: Flow Hive

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