25 February 2015

Best In Show: Kids InStyle Sydney 2015 - Phoenix and the Fox

My favourite stand at Kids InStyle Sydney 2015 was Phoenix and the Fox, a brand new clothing label based in Sydney. Let me start by saying that I only had 4.5 hours to traverse the enormity that is the Kids InStyle and Life InStyle trade shows. Camera in hand, I zoom up and down the aisles, pausing only to catch-up with designers that I have already been following. But I literally stopped in my tracks as I passed Phoenix and Fox. Here's why:

Designed by fashion designer and textile artist Jennifer Green, Phoenix and the Fox clothes for babies and kids are made from 100% organic cotton, right here in Australia. And that's before we talk about the edgy-cool unique prints and comfortable cuts.

Bodysuits and shorties are available in sizes 000 to 1, and tees, harem leggings and drop-crotch shorts from 000 to 4. I was so impressed with the quality and mix-and-match styling. These are for all the rock star kids out there!

You can find Phoenix and the Fox in the online store. These guys are going places.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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