6 January 2015

Bondville 5 year old blue, peach, pink and green girl's room

Would you like a peek at my daughter's room? It's very real - look... no ironed bed linen! It's a brand new quilt cover and pillow scored in the sales at Country Road, and new Rosie The Dreamer pillow case from One In A Melon Designs that I bought for her for her recent 5th birthday. It's a pillow and a softie all in one! We usually pop a favourite toy on the bed, but I can't bare to cover up Rosie's face. Here are all the details of the room:

Room: My youngest daughter
Age: 5
Designed by: Mum Steph Bond-Hutkin (Bondville) - that's me!
Location: Sydney, NSW

Bed: Snooze
Bed Linen: Layla single quilt cover and pillow case from Country Road
Pillow: Rosie The Dreamer pillow case from One In A Melon Designs
Rug: Daisy rug from Armadillo & Co.
Stool: Paint dipped stool from Lark Store
Babushka softie: the red thread
Japanese doll softie: the red thread
Lamp: Ceramic rabbit lamp from Have You Met Miss Jones (p.s. I usually pop this up on her dresser when friends come to play)
Tutu: Tutu du Monde
Dreamcatcher: DIY kit from Free Range Living
Wall decals: Donut wall stickers from Jimmy Cricket
Tissue paper pom: made by me (my tutorial here)
Tea cup plant: made by me (my tutorial here)

Wall decals: Donut wall stickers from Jimmy Cricket
Fox art: Adairs
Kite art: Suzy Ultmann
Elephant art: Albi the Elephant artwork by Jane Reiseger for Nest Homewares.

Wall decals: Donut wall stickers from Jimmy Cricket
Super hero art: Personalised art print by Rosy Designs (Etsy)
Dreamcatcher: DIY kit from Free Range Living

I'll have to share the other side of her room soon. You can find lots of great Australian real kids' rooms right here on Bondville. Enjoy!

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Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Love the bed frame and am after something similar, would you mind sharing where you bought it?

    Beautiful room xx

  2. Damon - thanks so much! M loves it.
    Sophie's Mum - of course! It's from Snooze. Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  3. Gorgeous Steph! LOVE the colour palette!

  4. Absolutely love this! The Dreamcatcher looks divine up on the wall with all the gorgeous colour in the room :D Goes to show you don't need all girlie colours for a funky girls room

  5. Your Dreamcatcher is so lovely Mrs Chicken. Yes, blue and green are lovely for girls too :)


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