19 November 2014

Flexible kid's study space with pegboard

My 7-year-old daughter has been begging for her very own study desk where she can work on her homework in peace (when the kitchen counter becomes too hectic), keep her stationery organised, and work on art and craft. I've been sanding, painting, and assembling up a storm to create a movable space for her that will work for many years to come. (remember my mood board here?)

Desk top: IKEA Linnmon
Trestle legs: IKEA Oddvald painted with Taubmans Sweet Pea
Pegboard: Bunnings. Harris backed the pegboard with a wooden frame for extra stability.
Chair: Ozzio Design Pocket folding chair from the Conran Shop (UK)

By attaching the book shelves (IKEA spice racks) to the pegboard, we can move all the components around as her needs change. This study is currently set up in a living area, but we can easily move it to her bedroom or another space when she wants more privacy. Note - no laptop/electronics yet! Remember those days?

Macrame plant hanger: TMOD (DIY kit) from Notemaker - read more about this kit here on Bondville
Wire chair decoration: Freedom
Wooden S: Infancy
Notebooks: kikki.K
Shelves: IKEA Bekvam spice racks painted with Taubmans Sweet Pea
Dipped wooden bowl: Wind and Willow
Honeycomb decoration: Contents store

Calendar: Inaluxe Calendar from Earth Greetings
Cage lamp: Talo Interiors
Bulb: Vintage LED
Framed print: Laura Blythman
Felt crown: eeni meeni miini moh

Notebooks: kikki.K
Doily: vintage doily, stiffened with craft glue
To do list: kikki.K

I really love the long-lasting Edison-style bulb from Vintage LED - a great environmentally-friendly alternative to carbon filament light bulbs which are energy hungry. Looks great with the pendant cage lamp from Talo Interiors.

Motex: Motex label maker from Lark
Assorted pens: kikki.K
Pen holders: upcycled cans with labels removed

Print: Framed Ellen Giggenbach card from Lantern Studios

Trays: Kaleido steel trays by Hay
Storage box: Orla Kiely (bed linen packaging)

My daughter is thrilled with her new space! I'm already thinking about new colour combinations - maybe replace the pink with red at some stage and add a red and white striped rug from her room; watch this space!

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Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin for Bondville


  1. WOW! Looks great Steph. LOVE the colour. I might use the pegboard idea for my boys room.

  2. Thank you lovely Michelle and Lisa for the comments and the kind words. xx

  3. its gorgeous... how did you attach the shelves to the peg board? Are they moveable?

    1. Hi Jane, they are screwed into the peg board for added stability, but theoretically they could be attached with hooks; just not quite as stable.

  4. I hope they are affiliate links because this post is about to cost me a bomb! Xox

  5. Hi Jane; the holes at the back of the spice rack did line up with the holes in the pegboard, but my husband and I decided to screw them in for extra stability. If I need to move the shelves around, I might just cover the holes up with a cute sticker. Thanks for your comment! Steph :)

  6. @Patchwork Cactus - I wish Babs! No affiliate links here. Glad you like all the goodies! xx

  7. Oh Steph! This is so cute. I'll have to show my S, she'll love it too xx

  8. I'm 32 & I want this for a work space!!
    It's a great concept, because I'm still renting - no drilling temp. holes, necessary! I love it!! Thank you!

  9. I think I'll go with black, light grey, white, peach, oak & copper or gold, though ;)
    I was picturing it without black, but I already have a few black light sets (plug, cord & bulb socket) from IKEA, that I bought a while ago & at least 1 needs to be used! lol

    1. Your colour scheme sounds amazing AndriART. The IKEA trundle legs come standard in black, so a good starting point. I just bought another desk for my youngest daughter and haven't painted the legs yet; but am thinking light pink or yellow. Fun!

  10. Where can I get a peg board like this?? Love it all!!

    1. Hi Melissa, I bought the peg board at our local hardware store (Bunnings), and we braced the back with a wood frame to make sure that it doesn't bend.

  11. I wish you could show the back of the board. I bought peg board and already have the Ikea spice racks. But all the screws are smaller than the holes and I can't figure out how they look so sturdy in your photos. I have been messing with it for an hour now trying to find a screw that will work with no luck.

    1. Hi Paige, I will definitely take some photos of the back and post them. I believe that peg boards can differ slightly - different sized holes and different widths apart, and different thicknesses. You could try a washer at the end of your screw before you pop on the nut. Or you might have to try slightly larger screws. DIY is a bit of trial and error. Good luck!

  12. I was just wondering if you needed to secure the pegboard to the wall? I really want to do something similar with my workspace and have the ability to put shelves up, but we are in a rented space and NO HOLES aloud :(

    1. Hi Adrian, we didn't secure the pegboard to the wall. It is leaning against the wall at the top. This works for us, as we braced the back of the peg board with a wood frame, so it is much sturdier and can lean while handling the weight of the shelves and books. I will take some photos of the back of the board and post soon.

  13. This is great !! How does the spice racks stay on the peg board any screws needed ?

  14. First off let me say you are some lucky mom, because a lucky mom would be blessed with a great daughter who makes you want to conceive things like this for her. The space is amaze-balls!! Secondly, could you perhaps do a tutorial on your spice rack/pegboard attachment? Last, the daisy rug made me create a xmas list this year, something I have not had in a long time, so cute. JuanitaApplebaum


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