30 November 2014

Bondville Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Baby's first Christmas

More often than not, Baby's first Christmas gifts are for Mum and Dad than actually for baby! Honestly, they will likely love the packaging more than the gifts inside; but if you want something that will please everyone in the family, support Australian design and be useful too, look no further than the Bondville Christmas 2014 gift guide #5 - Baby's first Christmas...

Baby's first Christmas
Wilson and Frenchy limited edition whale A2 poster from indie art and design, $39.95
PouchMate from Pouched, $8.95
Organic newborn skincare set from master and miss, $25.00
Midnight sky trainers from Mooce, $36.96
Huxbaby crosses romper from A Little Bit Of Cheek, $45.00
Vintage Christmas banner printable from Sassaby, $5.95
Jimmy Cricket ice creams wall stickers from Baby Donkie, $29.95
Anarkid Harvest body suit from Small to TALL, $28.95
Simple clouds wall stickers from 41 Orchard, $50.00
Goosebumps mint paw pillow case from The Little Kidz Closet, $39.00
Bella Buttercup powder blue play space from and the little one said, $79.00
Sapling El Perro short-sleeve bodysuit from Babble On Baby, $24.95
Charli Bear white and silver toddler sandals from Maternity Sale, $17.50 (on sale from $34.95)
Hello Sailor archival art print from Sweet William, from $25.00

I can't go past those Jimmy Cricket wall decals from Baby Donkie - the mint ice cream stickers are gorgeous and so hard to choose between the fruity tutti stickers and doughnuts. Impossible! I might need them all.

These products are all available at Australian online stores (listed on the Shop page). Head over for even more local stores, sit back, and get that Christmas shopping done with a few clicks of the mouse.

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