29 November 2014

Bondville Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Something special to wear

Looking for something special for your little girl this Christmas that she will get lots of wear out of? Skip the big department stores, mall madness, and cheap imitations and look to local designers creating beautiful dresses. The Bondville Christmas 2014 gift guide #4 is just for you: Something special to wear...
Something special to wear
Tulle dress from eeni meeni miini moh, $79.95 and crown, $19.95
Simone Downey (Nomuu) vintage pink tutu dress from indie art and design, $46.95
Little Horn flamingo dress from Wear Kids Play, $49.95
Maizey dress from Lacey Lane, $49.95
Paper Wings horses halter maxi dress from Where Did You Get That?, $109.95
Rock Your Baby Golden Dot Circus dress from moppit and more, $49.95
Hootkid all heart tutu dress from Pebble Boutique, $44.95

With two girls aged almost-five and seven, this list was so much fun to put together. But now I want them all. Oh and here's a massive tip - if you love the style of the Hootkid heart tutu dress, head to Pebble Boutique where you'll find a many Hootkid dresses, tights and clothes on a massive sale. I snapped up a bunch yesterday for next year!

These products are all Australian brands available at Australian online stores (listed on the Shop page). Keep in mind that shopping locally puts dollars back into Australian families' pockets - and that's a pretty good thing!

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