28 November 2014

Bondville Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Pyjamas they will wear every day

The Bondville Christmas 2014 gift guide #3 is here! Pyjamas are such a classic Christmas gift for kids as you know that they will get a huge amount of wear out of them. Skip the cheap-o versions this year and get something quality that will last the season - these are PJs that they will wear, and wear, and wear every day...

Pyjamas they will wear every day
Emily little spring pyjamas from Four In The Bed, $44.95
G.Nancy black and white stars long PJ set from Baby Donkie, $55.00
Jess butterflies nightie from Four In The Bed, $39.95
Rib pyjama sets from eeni meeni miini moh, $49.95 (or 2 for $39.95 each)
Rosie pyjamas from Down That Little Lane, $44.95
Whale pyjama set from MIDA, $24.95
Where's Boy? Peace PJs from Down That Little Lane, $42.00

They are all lovely, but those cute black and white star PJ's by G.Nancy from Baby Donkie are festive and work for both boys and girls. You might never get the kids out of them.

These products are all available from Australian online stores (listed on the Shop page). Shopping locally takes a lot of the pain out of Christmas gift-buying prep, and it's great for Australian businesses too.

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