28 November 2014

Bondville Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Fun in the sun

We are so lucky to have beautiful, warm weather over the holiday season, and beach and pool-related gift ideas are a natural for under the Christmas tree. If you are visiting family for Christmas, most of these items pack well too. What's better than jumping into the pool/sea on Christmas Day in brand new togs!? Presenting the second Bondville Christmas 2014 gift guide - Fun In The Sun!

Fun in the sun
Little Tane Boom Beats Beats hat from wear kids play, $24.95
Sunnylife underwater camera from moppit and more, $25.95
Cupid Girl romance frill one-piece bathing suit from Not Another Baby Shop, $28.00 (on sale from $31.90)
Pineapple Beach angel swimsuit from HeavenLee Swimwear, $39.95
Funky Fish board shorts from MIDA, $19.95
Striped cotton kid's beach towel with twisted fringe from Rock Ribbons, $25.00 (on sale from $35.00)
Short sleeve rashie Scarborough Sea from Mini Sandcrabs, $49.95
Frankie Ray leopard print Gidget sunglasses from A Little Bit Of Cheek, $29.95
Alphabet Soup Taste The Adventure board shorts from wear kids play, $39.95 (on sale from $59.95)
Bucket hat from eeni meeni miini moh, $32.95

These products are all available from Australian online stores (listed on the Shop page). It's easy, convenient, and great for our economy to shop local!

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