11 September 2014

My daughter's high tea party 7th birthday

My daughter wanted a high tea party - as girly as they come - for her 7th birthday. Of course the kids had to have proper mini tea cups (found at a St Vinnies for a steal) and apple juice, poured from a tea pot. What a great theme! It's really easy to pull together a party that's inexpensive and effective by keeping the palette to pastels and pinks, and using an abundance of flowers. The perfect party for Spring. Lots of tips below...

Party: 7th birthday party
Organised by: Mum Steph Bond-Hutkin (that's me!)
Location: Sydney, NSW
Theme: High Tea party
Invitation: DIY high tea printable invitation from Mr Printables.

Cake: I made the four-layer cake with buttercream frosting, covered in strawberry-flavoured heart marshmallows (from The Party Parlour), and topped with pearl sugar balls, sparkly S, and mini bunting - made using washi tape, ribbon and a wooden skewer.

Party food:  My Mum made sausage rolls, mini cupcakes, chocolate slice bites, vegemite sandwiches, cream cheese sandwiches, fairy bread, and raspberry scones (recipe from the Frankie Afternoon Tea book).

My friend Renay made the cute marshmallow tea cups (so kind!):

I made coconut ice slice bites and chocolate balls (both recipes from Frankie Afternoon Tea book), raspberry jellies topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

Apple juice 'tea' and forest fruits tea served in mini tea cups:

Decorations: Vintage crocheted table cloth. Party plates from Love Mae.

Pink hanging lanterns. 

Cardboard hanging gem decorations from kikki.K.

Tissue paper flowers handmade by me (here's a good tutorial to make similar flowers on the Design Every Day blog).  

Freshly picked azaleas and cherry blossom branches.

Cardboard Utterly Scrumption high tea stand (similar available from Lark), and borrowed cardboard high tea stands.

Birthday girl wears: crossover dress (ballet) from eeni meeni miini moh and a tiara birthday gift from her aunt Justine.

Games/activities: Dad Harris organised all the kids' party games - musical statues, limbo, 'drama' games, and plain old dancing. The parents were free to sip sparkling wine and devour the leftovers!

Tips: I kept this party under budget by using items that I already had on hand (table clothes, random leftover cupcake wrappers from other parties, washi tape, old tissue paper poms repurposed) and borrowing what I didn't have. Strawberries are in season and really make an impact. I really only had to buy plates, goodie bags, tissue paper, marshmallows and hanging gem decorations, so had a little extra up my sleeve to get the sweet headbands (which were on sale!).

Many hands make light work - for a high tea party like this that doesn't have a strict theme, take up offers from generous friends and family to bring a plate of treats. I was lucky to have my Mum who made so many treats for the table, and my friend Renay who brought a gorgeous tray of tiny marshmallow tea cups.

Something Special: I bought a fancy sparkly headband for each guest that they could choose on arrival and take home with them. Instead of making up goodie bags beforehand, I just filled up some sweet paper party bags from Love Mae with leftover goodies from the high tea stands and a few extra heart marshmallows to take home.

I hope you picked up lots of ideas for your own high tea party. This vintage birthday high tea party also here on Bondville is gorgeous, and there are lots more kids' party ideas right here.

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Heavenly Steph! Totally gorgeous, and well done you!

  2. Simply gorgeous Steph. What a lucky big girl!!

  3. That cake is divine Steph!!! Looks like a lovely day.

  4. Simple perfection, Steph. Love the cake and all your sweet little touches. x


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