27 August 2014

Kick start photographic bed linen for kids from The Club Of Odd Volumes

Speaking of gorgeous pieces from The Club of Odd Volumes, would you like to see these amazing photographic designs produced for kids' beds (and adults too)? I can't get over the coolness of the whales bed linen and I know my sister would go nuts for the cats design. Oh, and underwater bed linen? Yes please!

You can find the throw cushions on The Club of Odd Volumes already - how great is Eye Of The Dreamer.

The Club of Odd Volumes needs pledges to kick start the production of these amazing pieces - head to Kick Starter now to fund your favourite from The Odd Collective bedding and get cool rewards. Hurry - only 10 days to go and lots more funds to raise!

Images: The Club of Odd Volumes

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