14 August 2014

In my shopping cart: girls e3-M AW14 and SS14

I always think it's interesting to see what people actually buy. Here is our shopping cart from e3-M! I know what I like, but my six-year-old loves choosing her own clothes online. Here's a peek at her choices from the e3-M AW14 sale and new SS14 girls' clothes:

1. Crossover dress (ballet)
2. Holiday dress (magenta + silver)
3. Classic 5-pocket short (sunshine)
4. Signature headband (orchid + french navy spot)
5. Frill top (peony pink)
6. Skegging (tangerine + eggplant spot)
7. Yoga legging (orchid spot)

Love her choices! Some I had already picked out in my mind (the cute yellow shorts, the magenta holiday dress and the tangerine skeggings), so it was fun to see that we have similar taste. I love it that she's still into pink and bright colours, and all things girly at six.

If you love the long skeggings and yoga leggings, be quick as they are on sale for a limited time AND currently buy two sale items, get the third sale item (lesser or equal value) free online or Bowen Hills store, until 19th August 2014.

You can find these items and more at eeni meeni miini moh + e3-M.

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. Good picks! Your daughter really knows how to choose clothes. She must look so fabulous with those clothes on especially the first one which is the crossover dress.


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