20 August 2014

7 of the best Australian baby blanket wraps

You asked! Lovely Belinda from Nest Design Studio is on the hunt for some cool baby blankets that "aren't yellow, aren't chevron and aren't 'spensive". This is the first of my posts answering reader questions; I have a panel of experts at the ready to solve your kids' interiors, fashion, party, gift problems. Email me!

In the meantime, I've put together seven of the best Australian-designed newborn wrap/blankets. Most of these are made from bamboo, organic cotton, or a mixture of both by amazing local companies! Here you go Bel...
1. Pure newborn classique wrap/throw from eeni meeni mini moh $39.95
2. Newborn wrap (aqua) from Milk & Masuki $29.00
3. Bamboo bunny rug (Asanoha) from Cheeky Britches $32.95
4. Reversible blanket from Minyaka Design $29.00 (on sale from $35.00)
5. Geo orange and white blanket from Master and Miss $45.00
6. Baby wrap (moroccan smoke) from GatherKids $39.00
7. Bamboo baby wrap blanket (latte and raspberry) from BabyJo $15.00 (on sale from $35.95)

Just a note for shoppers - I haven't included any muslin wraps here, or bigger cot-size blankets - these blanket wraps are wrap-size or slightly larger, and predominantly a stretch-jersey fabric.

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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