10 July 2014

New Armadillo & Co. kids' rugs

I'm a huge fan of Armadillo & Co.. For me, it's all about the heart and soul that they pour into their designs, quality materials and absolute dedication to fair trade. These gals really are making a difference. The current kids' rug designs have taken the world by storm, and lucky for us, Armadillo & Co. has launched four fresh rug designs for kids - Butterfly, Bunting, Confetti, and Caterpillar. Behold!

Each rug is hand woven from 100% New Zealand wool. I love that the earthy base tones hide the dirt that is inevitable in kids' spaces. Another triumph from Armadillo & Co. Expect to see them in all the cool kids' rooms very soon.

You can find the new kids' collection rugs in the Armadillo & Co. online store. Read more about Armadillo & Co. here on Bondville.

Images: Armadillo & Co.

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  1. These rugs are amazing! Thanks for sharing - I hope you are all well and happy x


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