20 June 2014

Mother of Dragons tshirt inspired by Game Of Thrones

I'm obsessed with this photo of world's-most-adorable Drew Barrymore and her two daughters in this cool Mother of Dragons tshirt (inspired by Game of Thrones)!

It's not anything close to Australian design, but I can't resist Drew with her messy ponytail, comfy jeans, and great lipstick and those two babies on her hips (a pose I remember well!). I also remember that that wasn't an easy time, and I was constantly reaching down to channel my inner Daenerys Targaryen.

So this pic is an homage to all of you out there being Mothers of Dragons. Have a great weekend! (Oh, and on top of that, lovely Drew is using this pic to promote sale of the tee (and other merchandise) with the slogan, with all proceeds going to help foster kids in LA. You can find the Mother of Dragons tshirt right here.)

Image: Drew Barrymore

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