11 June 2014

Chibebe Pod Warmer baby bean bag blanket

Oh my goodness, how cosy does this look. This is the brand new Chibebe Pod Warmer (in mint and cream) attached to the snuggle pod baby bean bag. Can you just imagine being a little bundle of love tucked up in that comfy pod during the day?

The Chibebe Pod Warmer features an insulated lining and foam padded inner to make it the softest of baby blankets, keeping baby warm but allowing skin to breathe. The pod warmer is attached to a special baby seat which comes with the blanket. Button fasteners at the top allow the pod warmer to accommodate larger babies as they grow.

The Pod Warmer comes in three colourways (choc and mint, choc and cream, and mint and cream) and attaches only to authentic Chibebe or Bambeano baby bean bags, or can be used detached.

Chibebe and Beambeano snuggle pods have become something of a cult product for parents in Australia. The rigorously safety-tested bean bag is an ideal spot for baby to hang out during the day to give Mum and Dad's arms a bit of a break. I know so many parents that are obsessed with them.

You can find the Pod Warmer on the Chibebe website. Read more about Chibebe and cousin Bambeano baby bean bag snuggle pods here on Bondville. Bondville is proudly supported by Chibebe and Bambeano makers Brands United Group.

Image: Chibebe

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