31 May 2014

Cutest Sylvanian Families birthday cake

The lovely Nicola from the concrete and honey blog made this gorgeous Sylvanian Families cake for her nephew Kingston's 1st birthday. Love it to bits! Pop your child's cutest toy on top of a freshly-iced cake for a super-cute surprise that you know your little one will love.

Nicola has these tips to share:

Nic, those little bears on top are the cutest, are they Sylvanian Family bears?
They sure are. Vincent and Violet Beaufort are an ice cream van driver and seller. (You can find them here).

Do you have a tip for making buttercream icing?
I always use the Magnolia Bakery buttercream recipe which is tons of icing sugar ( like 6-8 cups) and at least 10 mins of beating, it's amazing.

What kind of nozzle did you use to create the rosettes around the edge?
Just one that came in a standard piping bag kit, it has a few points around the nozzle.

Did you make the cute cake bunting, and can we buy them?
Yes and yes, just convo me on Etsy at concretehoney.etsy.com.

What size tin did you use, and what kind of cake did you make?
I used 3 small spring form tins, but I have also made in a shallow slice tray and cut out around a round piece of cardboard to make the layers. Just double a normal cake recipe so you can make 3 layers. I used the Woman's Weekly butter cake recipe but if I'm pressed for time I just use two packets of golden butter cake. Tastes great and looks the same, just saves time.

Did you know that Nicole has a photography and styling service? And also offers online room styling? Her style is impeccable - I'm sure you'll love it. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous cake with us Nicola!

Image: concrete and honey

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