15 April 2014

New kikki.K x T2 Soder Tea

What a fantastic collaboration - much-loved Australian brands kikki.K and T2 have collaborated on a limited edition tea, inspired by the Swedish tea Soderblandning. I was lucky to try Soder Tea at a kikki.K event recently and it is lovely - a floral black tea which I took with a dash of milk. I've been dying for the in-store release!

You can find Soder Tea in kikki.K stores only. Team with the beautiful gold heart mug, coming soon for Mother's Day (my pic from the event below).

Read more about the kikki.K event here on Bondville.

Image: kikki.K

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  1. Haha, initially I thought soder was a play on the way Aussies say "soda" ... as in, this would be a tea to drink cold mixed with fizzy water in lieu of Coke ...

    Maybe this is an open market? T2? Just remember who thought of it first, hey? :)


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