3 February 2014

Bondville Charity Auction donation to the Children's Cancer Institute Australia

Well the paperwork is finally done and the numbers are in. The Bondville Charity Auction raised $4,713.33 for the Children's Cancer Institute Australia!!! I couldn't be more thrilled.

Thank you so much to the seventy-six Australian designers and online stores that donated product for the auction. One-hundred-and-two products were shipped off to happy buyers all over the country and I'm so grateful for your support and participation.

If you have ever wanted to run a charity auction online, I just wrote a How To piece for eBay's Mum's Business website with all my learnings - head here for the down-low.

I will be keeping the Bondville Charity Auction page with all the product images and links on the website as a permanent visual shopping guide that you can visit anytime for gift inspiration. Please head over and check out all the local businesses, designers and entrepreneurs. They deserve our support!

Thank you again everyone for participating, sharing, commenting, clicking and being a part of an amazing 10th blogging anniversary. It was the best possible way to celebrate.

Steph xxx

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