9 January 2014

Super-cute personalised school labels and accessories from Stuck On You

Talk among most of my friends is awash at the moment with stationery, school shoes, uniforms and labeling needs. If you have little ones heading back to preschool/daycare/school/nursery and are looking for cool personalised name labels and accessories, you might like these great design-friendly options from Bondville partner Stuck On You. I love the options to choose your own fonts and product colours, and you can preview your choices on-screen before you order. Here are some of my favourite designs from the Stuck On You range:

Shape labels - how great does this bucketful of dinosaurs look with its own dinosaur-shaped name label?

Library bags - you can't go wrong with woodland creatures, and I bet this library bag won't get lost.
Drink bottles - you can never have too many drink bottles, and these stainless steel numbers are super-sweet.
Junior messenger bags - just like Daddy's bag, but personalised; these messenger bags are from a collaboration with Australian designer Penny Scanlan and are hip-as.
Junior backpacks - another Penny Scanlan collaboration - this apple design is a real winner.
Lunch packs - keep lunches cool with a matching lunch bag and water bottle. I can't resist this cute icecream-popcorn-lollipop trio.
You can find all these designs and many more in the Stuck On You online store. Mix-and-match colours, designs, fonts and products to suit your own style. I'm getting organised now!

PS: get exclusive-to-Bondville Free Shipping to last the month of January – just enter the code BONDVILLE at the checkout and you will be able to access free shipping storewide. Yay!

Images: Stuck On You

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