15 January 2014

Pink and pretty fairy 3rd birthday party

Our friends Renay and John have put together some of your favourite kids' birthday parties here on Bondville, including this fairy party and this bubbas and bears party. This time, they created a sweet and simple fairy third birthday party for their youngest daughter with all her favourite themes - pink, fairies and butterflies. It was just lovely. Here Renay shares her tips on putting together a sweet party in a short period of time:

Party: Isabella's 3rd Fairy Birthday Party
Organised by: Mum Renay but supported by a great Dad!
Location: Isabella's Fairy Garden (aka at our house in Sydney) 
Theme: Fairy Party 

Cake: "Fairy Garden Cake" made by Renay using the dolly varden cake tin. Thanks to the Lane Cove Toy Library located on Tambourine Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW, who helped me out with tin hire the day before the party. Gorgeous fairy decoration on the top of the cake was purchased from Fairyland in Mosman and the silver butterflies were courtesy of our local dollar shop. 
Party food: The Fairy Cupcakes were a big hit.  Unfortunately I cannot take the credit for these! I purchased the cupcakes from My Little Cupcake in Neutral Bay. They looked and tasted amazing and the service at My Little Cupcake was fantastic. Fruit and marshmellow skewers threaded onto plastic fairy star skewers. To stand them up I wrapped  a piece of foam in left over wrapping paper and simply pushed them in - I have used the same one for a number of parties. Mini macarons threaded onto a pink paper straws. Macarons are plentiful at Miracle Supermarkets in World Square Sydney. You can purchase them on the spot or order in advance - at only $1 each they are the cheapest I have found. White buckets from IKEA. Cake pops - made using left over birthday cake mixture and icing and again threaded onto paper straws. 
Decorations: Cute fairy bubble bee attached to the cupcake stand was a favourite and was also purchased at Fairyland in Mosman. We strung up paper ball lantern decorations (pink and white poka dot). We have had these for years and re-use them all the time. I got these from the Queen Bee Balloon and Party Shop in Rozelle. 

Games/activities: Pass the Fairy Bag (code for "I was too tired and too lazy to wrap individual prizes and do a traditional Pass the Parcel"....so instead I put all the prizes into Isabella's little pink handbag and we played "pass the fairy bag"). When the music stopped each child had the chance to pick out something that caught their eye from the bag. Craft table full of paper fairies to decorate with jewels, sequins, ribbon etc. 

Tips: Reuse what you have and be creative.         

Something special: Nothing beats the look on your little ones' face when they see their birthday cake.

Thank you so much Renay for sharing Isabella's birthday party - gorgeous as always. Find more beautiful real kids' birthday parties here on Bondville.

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