30 March 2013

Loving: Tinyme bunny wall stickers

I hope that you're all having a lovely Easter. How about this glorious weather. So far we've been enjoying my sister visiting from the US, a magical Easter Hat Parade at school, delicious hot cross buns, a hike through the bush to Whale Rock, finding wild flannel flowers, baking whoopie pies, a BBQ with friends (still swimming in the pool!), a divine vegetarian meal at Yulli's in Surry Hills (those edamame and coconut moneybags - wow), and The Intouchables on the TV tonight.

I've had some serious internet connection challenges this last week (as in having no internet connection) but now that we're back up and running, I wanted to share with you this very Easter-y wall decal from Tinyme - the Mini Bunny Family. So sweet and a great price too. I'm thinking of this colourway for my little one's bedroom; I love the light blue and red combo.

You can find the Mini Bunny Family decals in the Tinyme online store. What are you up to this Easter? Which day does the Easter Bunny visit your house?

Image: Tinyme

26 March 2013

I made four Easter hats in one night - you can too

Last week I made four Easter hats in one night using an old nappy box, a few sheets of card stock, bought shredded paper, one cheap chicken in a nest, and the contents of our craft box (ribbon, washi tape, paint, broken butterfly, broken flower clilp, feathers). You can too!

20 March 2013

Bailey Nelson super-affordable optical and sunglasses

I love it when someone takes an old business model, shakes it up, and creates something pretty fantastic for the buying public. Sydney eyewear company Bailey Nelson has done just that with their super-affordable optical glasses and sunglasses designed in Australia.

By taking away huge overheads, creating their own brand (rather than relying on an established designer name) and focusing on good lenses, Bailey Nelson can offer gorgeous frames for only $95 - brilliant!

These are design-savvy frames for those who are more interested in style and affordability than labels. Hey, that's me! I would love any one of the women's glasses on the site. Have a look and let me know what you think.

You can find Bailey Nelson frames in the online store or the Sydney and Melbourne boutiques.

Images: Bailey Nelson

19 March 2013

Kid Collective x Disney clothes for kids

This is Disney, but not as you know it. Australian children's clothing label Kid Collective have collaborated with Disney on a range of long sleeve tees and sweats for boys and girls aged 0–12 years that take Disney's characters and add street cred. There are pre-drawing sketches, robot interpretations of our favourite characters, fun colourways and watercolour versions too.

The Kids Collective x Disney range includes short and long-sleeved tshirts and crew-neck sweat shirts. I'm so taken with the watercolour Bambi - how very sweet. It's a great way to satisfy the kids who demand licensed products with a design aesthetic that won't hurt our eyes! I think Kid Collective have done an amazing job.

You can find Kids Collective x Disney in the online store as well as stockists listed on the website.

PS: There will be a limited capsule of Kid Collective x Disney tees for adults available from BlackBook stores this month.

Image: Kid Collective

17 March 2013

A Cup of Tea

This is my favourite tea cup. It was my Nanna's tea cup - Edna Casey - and is one of the only things I have of hers, which makes it even more special. Tea always tastes better from this cup.

I loved my Nanna; she was fun and cute and everyone called her 'Little Ed'. I have been having fun the last few years researching my family history using ancestry.com and have found out all sorts of interesting things about my Nanna's lineage. She was brought up in northern England, her grandfather was Prussian/German (Danzig) and her grandmother English, traced all the way back to the 1500's. Her grandmother sadly died in WWII when a bomb landed on her house, just 10 minutes after my Nanna had stopped in for a cup of tea.

I guess that cup of tea was lucky for me!

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

16 March 2013

Kip and Co. hot hot hot bedding

I've had a few serious crushes in the past year - including Saltwater sandals (yellow and silver!), Emily Green necklaces, Bonnie and Neil homewares, leif body cleanser, Inaluxe's new artwork, the Castle-Gorman collab and anything by Harvest Textiles. Anyone with me here? It's time to add a new obsession and that is the amazing bedding by Melbourne-based Kip & Co.

15 March 2013

Chibebe kids and baby snuggle pods and accessories

Now this is the ultimate in comfort for kids. Australian-designed Chibebe snuggle pods are super-comfortable structured bean bags for children of all sizes. Toddlers and older kids will love chilling out and playing with their bean bags. Use the baby seat with harness and the pod becomes a relaxing place for baby to rest and watch the world go by. You can also add a Chibebe frame to transform the pod into a rocker.

I love that the bean bags are easy to wipe down and have changeable seats for washing. The angle of the bean bag seems like a good option for babies who suffer with reflux and to help prevent flat heads. Then once the kids are older, remove the harness and the Chibebe becomes a lounging chair for reading books and playing.

Chibebe snuggle pods and accessories were developed by Bondville sponsor Brands United Group with quality and safety in mind. Authentic Chibebe products (the original baby bean bag in Australia) exceed the mandatory Australian safety standards by testing and meeting longevity (and tension), flammability, paint toxicity, plastics and fabric elements tests to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and safe for babies and children.

These have got to be the ultimate baby shower gift! You can find Chibebe snuggle pods and accessories in the online store as well as select stockists across Australia and online (check to ensure authenticity).

Images: Chibebe (kids playing image by Braggables)

14 March 2013

Pastel-inspired Aussie design for Easter

Easter is not far away and although that means cooler weather for us, I'm still loving a palette of pastels with a shot of neon (check out these cute new mint brogues I just picked up!).

When I came across this photo of Easter eggs and cottage garden flowers by Chika from She Who Eats, I was inspired to pull together a collection of Australian-designed goodies for Easter with a similar colour theme - pastel organic shapes with a touch of bright yellow and magenta. I would love to display gorgeous pastel eggs like these in an enamel bowl.

1. Bow cardigan by Joyess Designs (pre-order only)
2. Woodland rabbit bunting by MOZI
3. Leisl necklace by Emily Green
4. War pony art print by Urban Road
5. Rabbit gift tags and box by KatyJane Designs
6. Fraise pink and sorbet spot skegging by eeni meeni miini moh
7. 41 Orchard bird wall decal from Tots n Tales
8. Carnival baking cup by Paper Eskimo
9. Stacey girls' hair snaps by Wonder Dot
10. Magenta hello sign by Down To The Woods
11. The shopper by Harvest Textiles

I hope you enjoy these pretty pastel picks for Mum, Kids and Home. That Mozi woodland rabbit bunting is high on my wish list!

Top image: She Who Eats

12 March 2013

White Forest Home art prints and greeting cards

Looking for a splash of colour for your little one's room? (or yours?). White Forest Home is Anastasia and the WFH Team who create gorgeous bright art prints and greeting cards, designed and made in Melbourne.

There are so many gorgeous prints to choose from - the hard part is deciding which one. White Forest Home artworks are printed on a soft and subtle marked and textured Rives Tradition Matt Paper in 250 gsm. Brighten up your world!

You can find White Forest Home art prints and greeting cards in the online store as well as stockists around Australia.

Images: White Forest Home

11 March 2013

The Little Veggie Patch Co. heirloom seeds

Have you ever had a stack of heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with olive oil? It's truly a sensation for the tastebuds and the eyes with the tangy layers of tomatoes in varying shades, colours, shape and sizes. I just love the idea of saving our seed diversity and growing heirloom fruit, veggies and flowers, and with gorgeous vintage-style packaging like this, how can you resist these seed packets from Melbourne's The Little Veggie Patch Co.?

Growing heirloom produce is a great way to experience food the way that our ancestors knew it - tastier, with longer harvest times, more variety in shape, size, colour and texture. These are all the characteristics that have been bred out of modern-day mass-grown produce to ensure more economical harvests (but where sadly, nutritional value and taste is secondary). Using heirloom seeds is also a great way to protect against extinction of these fabulous varieties.

According to The Little Veggie Patch Co, an heirloom vegetable is "a cultivar that was commonly grown pre 1950′s, but which is not used in modern large-scale agriculture. Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination. Due to their genetics, they are often resistant to local pests, diseases, and extremes of weather." So what are we waiting for!

The Little Veggie Patch Co. selection of seeds includes beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, kale, kohl rabi, beans, capsicum, celeriac, coriander, leek, mustard, chilli, corn, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, onion, pumpkin, rockmelon, radish, spinach, squash, swiss chard, peas, watermelon, cosmic purple carrot, tomatoes (black russian, burnley surecrop, tommy toe, yellow pear), nasturtium and marigold.

What a fabulous gift. You can find The Little Veggie Patch Co. heirloom seeds in the online store as well as stockists around Australia.

Images: The Little Veggie Patch Co.

10 March 2013

4th birthday dinosaur party

It poured with rain all day for William's 4th birthday party but that didn't stop the delight of a dinosaur party! There were party hats, dinosaur jellies, pizza sticks, popcorn, a dinosaur piƱata and an amazing dinosaur excavation dig birthday cake to enjoy. William's Mum Vanessa shares with us her tips and tricks for a four-year-old boys' dinosaur birthday party...

Party: William’s 4th Birthday
Organised by: Vanessa, William’s mum
Location: At home, Sydney
Theme: Dinosaurs

8 March 2013

Sydney ABCD meet-up at Life InStyle 2013 - photos

We were all totally inspired at another amazing Sydney ABCD (art, craft, design bloggers) meet-up on 28th February. Lisa Tilse (the red thread) and I hosted the first part of the meet-up at the Sydney lifestyle-products event of the year - the Life InStyle and Kids InStyle trade show. We wandered around checking out all the upcoming trends in homewares, kidsware and accessories (my kind of show!) sipping on our sparkling wine, and gathered at a table in front of the Cool Edie's Style Lab.

There were so many Australian designers showing their new products and they were all pretty fabulous. Here are a few photos from our abcd gals on Instagram:
Girls walking the trade show: Margie (My Very Own Eye Goggles), Babs (Patchwork Cactus), Bodhana (Poppet Hill), Michelle (Me We), Claire (Craft Scmaft), Lisa (the red thread).

Gold bike at the entrance.

Margie (My Very Own Eye Goggles) and Bodhana (Poppet Hill) chatting to Tess and Anna from Polli.

 Beautiful jewellery from Polli.

Lighting from Nelson and Co.

 Gold spray-painted pineapples and terrariums.

Various exhibitors' pieces curated by Cool Edie's at The Style Lab.

Sydney creative bloggers taking a break at the abcd meet-up table at Life InStyle.

After much ooh-ing and ah-ing we headed next door to PJ Gallagher's Irish Pub after the show. There was much mixing and chatting in preparation for our small group discussions about wholesale with amazing Life InStyle exhibitors: jewellery designers Polli Design (Anna and Tess), kids' lifestyle desiger Scoops (Sophie) and stationery designers KatyJane Designs (Katy and Jane). They so generously shared their time and experience, and provided us with invaluable advice and tips on taking the next step to wholesale. Thank you ladies!

Chatting, snacking and getting to know each other before the small group discussions.

Learning all about wholesale: Bodhana (Poppet Hill), Tara (Dudley Redhead), Cybele (Blah Blah Magazine), Jo (Wonder Dot), Suzanne (Paper Ivy) and Sally (Jambo Chameleon).

Sally (Jambo Chameleon), Anastasia (Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming), Carolyn (Indie Art and Design, Non Fiction), Lamina (Do A Bit).

Melinda (Paperklip Design), Amanda (My Little Table), Deni (Free Range Living), Kristen (Kristen Doran Design), Michelle (Me We), Margie (My Very Own Goggle Eyes).

Our aim for Sydney ABCD meet-ups has always been to encourage the art, craft and design community online to get out from behind our computers and make connections with each other IRL (in real life). We love our community of creatives here in Sydney and our meet-ups just keep getting better. In the last few years we have also started introducing a theme to our meet-ups to provide an educational element too. Lisa and I have been plotting out some great meet-ups for the rest of the year and can't wait to share the info with you. If you haven't already, please sign up to our abcd meet-up mailing list to be alerted when our new meet-ups are announced. We would love to meet you too :)

Thanks to all the meet-up creatives who came, chatted and shared. Head to their websites to say Hi!: Lisa (the red thread), Jo (Bubala), Melinda (Paperklip Design), Lamina (do a bit), Desleigh (Desleigh), Bodhana (Poppet Hill), Cybele (Blah Blah Magazine), Claire (Craft Schmaft), Anastasia (Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming), Saffron (Saffron Craig Designs), Fiona (Fiona Kate Simply Gorgeous Storage), Kristen and Monique (Kristen Doran Design), Suzanne (Paper Ivy), Amanda (Amanda's Musings), Sheryl (Two Spoonfuls of Sugar), Sally (Jambo Chameleon), Michelle (Me We), Andrea (Andrea Smith Illustration), Helen (Paper Poetry), Bozana (Boz and Love), Tara (Dudley Redhead), Carmen (Carmel's Closet), Deni (Free Range Living), Carolyn (Indie Art & Design, Nonfiction), Margie (My Very Own Eye Goggles), Susie (Flowerpress), Anni (Milk & Honey Photography), Anna (Tea Pea Design), Amanda (My Little Table), Jo (Wonder Dot).

Much thanks as always to my co-host Lisa (the red thread), and to the lovely Jaclyn from Life InStyle (and little paper trees) who orchestrated the trade show visit for us.

Thanks for the Instagram images above go to Lisa @theredthread, Babs @patchworkcactus, Jo @wonderdotshop, Amanda @amandafuller and Anastasia @percivalroad. Other images by me @sbond.

1 March 2013

Spatz personalised superhero capes and masks for kids

We're all about imaginative play at our house, and our dress-up box is the most popular item in our toy room. Hooray for kids' imaginations! I spotted these amazing Spatz superhero costumes today on Facebook (thanks Kylee!) that my kids would go nuts for - masks and personalised capes!

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