23 December 2013

Justinia World 2 printable board game for kids

One of my favourite creative people ever is Margie Rahmann and she and her partner Justin James Clayden make up the team behind My Very Own Eye Goggles. Justin is super-creative too. Check out the very cool board game that he designed for kids - Justinia World 2. It's a printable file, so if you're looking for a very last-minute gift that requires no postage, look no further!

Justinia World 2 is a simple paper-based adventure game in the form of a maze with monsters, traps and treasure to discover along the way. This game kept Justin and his five-year-old son busy for four hours, and has been play-tested with five-to-nine year olds who were engrossed for over five hours each - sounds like a pretty great gift if you ask me!

All you need to play is the downloadable map (which you can buy in the My Very Own Eye Goggles store), a pair of dice, a marker for each person (try a Lego piece) and paper to note the score as you play. You can find all the rules right here. Merry last-minute Christmas shopping!

P.S.: Read more here about Justinia World 2 and the cool journey that Justin took to create this game for his son.

Images: My Very Own Eye Goggles

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  1. Thanks for a great write-up, Steph! Readers might like to know that the rules for World 2 are actually here: justy.me/justinia-overview/


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