12 November 2013

Bondville Charity Auction: which cushion would you choose for your Freedom Astrid chair?

So let's just say that you came back here to the Bondville Charity Auction between 15-25th November and bid on this amazing Astrid chair, donated by Freedom (RRP $229!!!). Which cushion would you choose to go with it?

I know - so hard! The Astrid chair, all these cushions and many more products for Mum, Kids and Home have been donated by Australian designers and online stores. All proceeds will go to the Children's Cancer Institute Australia. Find all the auction items (now worth over $8,000!) on the Bondville Charity Auction page. Sign up to the monthly newsletter to be reminded on bidding day. If you would like to donate, please head to the submissions page. Bidding starts at 99c. Only 3 days until the 15th November!

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Charcoal velvet pom pom please! Well done on organising such an AMAZING selection of donated products, Steph!

  2. Thanks so much Diana! I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of all our local designers. x


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