15 November 2013

Bondville Charity Auction - NOW LIVE!

Welcome to the Bondville 10th Anniversary Charity Auction. We are LIVE! And it's massive!

You will find 93 Australian-designed products for Mum, Kids and Home valued at over $8,100, with most designers offering free shipping! Bidding starts at only 99c and the auction runs for 10 days, finishing around 7:30am (AEST) on the 25th November 2013.

All proceeds will go to the Children's Cancer Institute Australia. So what are you waiting for? Bid away!

The last 10 years of writing on Bondville have been an amazing journey of learning, seeking, finding, sharing, growing, and meeting amazing people along the way. Many of those artists, crafters, designers and makers that I have discovered and written about are part of this huge auction and I couldn't be happier to share them with you again.

Thank you so much to all the amazing Australian designers and retail stores who have donated products, postage and time for the auction. We are incredibly lucky to have a huge amount of talent right here in Australia. If you are Christmas shopping, head to the Auction page here on Bondville and click through to all the auction supporters - they deserve it!

Have a fun time bidding on your favourite Australian products and Good Luck!!!

Image: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville


  1. Fabulous idea and wonderful donations. What to pick!

  2. Hi Steph
    Sorry I was too slow in getting back to you by the cut off. I will be sure to bid like crazy. Congratulations on a wonderful initiative. I look forward to hearing of its huge success x


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