23 October 2013

Make: Take One UNICEF Tshirt...

Today is the UNICEF Day for Children! My blogger-buddy Kate works for UNICEF Australia and when she asked if I would be interested in being part of a cool project to upcycle an old UNICEF tshirt, I jumped at the chance.

I'm one of 10 bloggers participating, which is a great way to raise awareness for the UNICEF Day for Children. And with kids in mind who might need a little extra comforting, I decided to make the most of the sky-blue colour of the UNICEF tshirt, to create a comfy cloud pillow.

Here's the tutorial for this easy DIY craft project:

You will need:
- a tshirt
- sewing machine, cotton thread, needle, pins
- stuffing
- felt
- hot glue gun

1. Take an A3 sheet of paper and sketch out a cloud shape. Cut the cloud out and pin to the tshirt.

2. Cut the cloud shape out from both the front and back of the tshirt. Pin the reverse edges together, and use a stretch stitch to sew together - remembering to leave a 5cm gap open.

3. Turn the cloud inside out, and stuff with stuffing. Use a chopstick or paint brush end to move the stuffing into all the crevices of the cloud.

4. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

5. Cut small heart shapes out of felt and use a hot glue gun to fix them to the front of the cloud.

Done! So cute!

UNICEF Day for Children raises funds for children across Asia who don’t have the benefit of an education. Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 28 and 29 support a child's right to an education, and that education should develop a child's personality and talents to the full. On UNICEF Day for Children, participating Australian schools encourage their children to wear blue and organise a fundraiser for UNICEF's education work in Asia. Schools are creative with the programs and activities they host on the day and the spirit of creativity, learning and generosity are synonymous with UNICEF Day for Children.

Thanks for inviting me to participate Kate! You can find some of the other upcycled UNICEF tshirt projects here on Pinterest.

Images and tutorial: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville

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  1. It's a beauty. Love seeing how each blogger interpreted the brief. Things I'd have never thought of. Thanks for joining the UNICEF Australia team.


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