3 October 2013

Confetti trend - 7 ideas for Australian kids' rooms

I'm so inspired by this photo that my friend Jaclyn (Little Paper Trees) took at the book launch for Megan Morton's Things I Love last year. It's all about those legs (that belong to Viv of Ish & Chi!) and just a hint of my dress against the amazing confetti and glitter floor.

And oh my goodness how amazing is this image of confetti girl found on this site. If anyone knows the source, please let me know (I have spent hours looking):

And so with confetti on my mind, I pulled together some of fun products for kids from Australian designers and stores that add a pop of fun to our lives:

1. Confetti Belle sheet set from Lilly & Lolly
2. Rainbow honeycomb tissue ball garland from Poppies For Grace
3. Crystal POM decorations from Dear Plastic
4. Confetti push pops from Lark Store
5. Paper polyhedra ornaments from Habitots
6. Dot disk floor cushion from PonyRider
7. 12 Spot pillow case from Castle

Are you loving confetti too?


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