9 September 2013

Sydney abcd social Winter Warmer 2013 photos and goodie bags

The Three Weeds in Rozelle was inundated with 34 Sydney creatives on Wednesday for the 2013 abcd social Winter Warmer. Artists, Bloggers, Crafters and Designers got together to chat in real life about our dreams for the next three years. My co-host Lisa was unfortunately unwell (we missed her!), but luckily the amazing Kelly came the rescue (and arranged for her Father-in-law to pick up the goodie bags!), as well as Anni, Anastasia, Michelle and Sally who helped with set-up and name tags. Thanks lovelies. (and thanks Tess for the great pic above!).

We were joined by the fabulous Cath (Prints Charming), Lisa (Inkognito Surface Design), Claire (South by North), Kim-Marie (Kimba Likes), Elisa (Elisa Bartels), Sophie Connolly, Nicole and Sarah (Ginger Elliott), Lee (Just Like Martha), Hannah (Canva and The Fetch), Claire (Craft Schmaft), Kelly (That Vintage Caravan), Tess (Polli), Rachael (The Bowerbird Girl), Lamina (do a bit), Tetiana and Vera (Russian Connection), Anni (Milk & Honey Photography), Sophie (Scoops Design), Sheryl (Two Spoonfuls of Sugar), Michelle (MeWe Design), Saffron (Saffron Craig Design), Sally (Jambo Chameleon), Anastasia (Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming), Tara (Dudley Redhead), Susie (Flowerpress), Jennifer (One Sweet Chick), Nicole (Love What You Found), Fiona (Fiona Kate), Luisa (Madge), Kate (Sew Craft Cook), Melissa (The Art Of Teddy Bears) and Silvana.

Hannah from Canva and The Fetch described abcd social to a friend as "like Etsy but in real life". How cool is that! Click below for some photos from our shindig and all the amazing goodie bag contributions...
"I was blown away with the contents of the goodies bag I received... soooo many lovely and creative things! It felt like Christmas!", Lamina from do a bit wrote on her blog. I agree! And Lee from Just Like Martha commented on Facebook, "LOVED the goodie bag wow so many gorgeous and generous things it was sensory overload!". Here are the super-creative goodie bag contributions:

I also got a sneak peek at the gorgeous new clothing range from jewellery designers Polli - here's some sample fabric that I adore:

I'm heading over to the launch of the new range tomorrow night - can't wait!

Thanks so much everyone for coming and sharing your thoughts, ideas and aspirations. See you next time! (Sign up for the mailing list here)

Images: Steph Bond-Hutkin | Bondville & abcd social


  1. What a gorgeous group of ladies, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. xxx

  2. Thanks ever so much Steph (and Lisa) and all those that helped out. It's such a wonderful thing that you organise, we are very lucky.

  3. I had such a nice time at my first ABCD Steph, thanks for organising. My only regret is not participating it those awesome goodie bags. I'm going to create something clever to share for the next one!

  4. What a sensational night it was! Great company, great conversation and too many inspiring ladies to count. Thanks for organising such an amazing event Steph and Lisa.

  5. such a great event!! thanks for hosting and organising Steph - was a really enjoyable evening!


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