13 September 2013

Minty's 1st Birthday Rainbow Party

Jayde Leeder is one creative Mama. It helps that she is the owner of paper and stationery boutique Little Paper Lane in Sydney's Mona Vale and is well-practiced at styling. But it's the loving DIY from her whole family that makes Jayde's daughter Minty's first birthday rainbow party so special. I love the simplicity of the pure white cake with coloured balls around the base. And then you cut in to reveal an amazing rainbow layer cake to knock your socks off. Read on for Jayde's tips and tricks to create a fabulous rainbow birthday party.

Party: Minty's 1st Birthday
Organised by: Jayde Leeder (Minty's Mum) owner of Little Paper Lane
Location: Our house in Avalon, NSW
Theme: Rainbow

Invitation: Rainbow invite created by Minty's graphic designer Dad Steve who works for Little Paper Lane.

Cake: Rainbow layered cake created by Karyn from Sweet n Pretty who happens to be Minty's GG (gorgeous grandma).

Party food: Rainbow cupcakes and cookies from Sweet n Pretty, rainbow fruit platter, lots of finger foods.

Decorations: I used streamers and made decorations from paper to create the rainbow backdrop, and used balloons, and we made some rainbow bunting from coloured paper. A friend made some mini rainbow bunting from wash tape which is available at Little Paper Lane.

Birthday Girl Wears: Paper Wings skirt from Kidostore and Bonds singlet.

Games/activities: Run around the back yard until the sugar wears off!

Tips: Plan everything in advance and try to make the decorations in advance so that you can slowly make things and have everything put together rather than doing it all on the morning! There is enough food to be prepared and cleaning to be done on the day of the party, so if you can set up the decorations the night before its much nicer for your sanity and you get to enjoy the party a little more! Have as much food as you can pre-prepared so you are not spending the day making food and rushing around! You will miss everything if you are cooking all day!

Something special: Birthday baby comes first! Making decorations and boiling frankfurters can wait…or get a helper! Don't miss out on the day because you are focusing on it looking perfect! Focus on your little one's smiles!

Thank you so much Jayde for sharing with us Minty's amazing day, and also to Table Tonic and Bellamumma for their Instagram photos.


  1. So gorgeous! What a lucky little girl Minty is :)

  2. how gorgeous does everything look! including Minty...she's a doll! jayde is so creative - love her style!


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