30 September 2013

Ella's First Birthday Sweet Shoppe Party

Primary school teacher and blogger Kate Korber (of Happy Ella After) put together a gorgeously girly Sweet Shoppe party for her daughter Ella's first birthday. With a tight palette of pink, red and white and a touch of Peppa Pig, Ella's party is a sweet tooth's dream come true. I looooooove the DIY Peppa Pig cake kit - what a great idea. Read on for Kate's tips and advice to put together your own Sweet Shoppe party.

Party: Ella's first birthday party
Organised by: Mum Kate Korber (Happy Ella After), my husband Daniel and our families. My sisters Jane and Monica helped immensely with the decorations.
Location: My Mum and Dad’s house in Melbourne, VIC.
Theme: Ella’s Sweet Shoppe

Invitation: I made my own invitations, however had the thank you card made through a fantastic Etsy shop called J is for Jordy. They send you a printable .pdf and you just take it to a printing shop and have them printed on card for you.

Cake: I used a fantastic company called Cake 2 the Rescue. The Baker girls send you a kit with all the ingredients and instructions to create your own masterpiece. Absolutely fantastic and so reasonably priced! We used the Pig Babe cake as Ella loves Peppa Pig!

Party food: We wanted to have regular kids party food, so this included all the usual trimmings….party sausages, party pies and my Mum's best homemade sausage rolls. The most important part of the party however was the candy buffet which we made ourselves. I used Kidspot and Pinterest for ideas. We raided the local lolly shop for all things pink and white. The Tiny Teddy cars were a real hit (recipe by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot) We created the entire buffet for less than $200.

Decorations: Given that I’m a primary school teacher, I put my laminator and guillotine to good use! I sourced my decorations mainly from vens paperie on Etsy. They send you a printable .pdf of the decorations including cake toppers, bunting and food labels, all with your child’s name personalised on them. The cutest decorations were the gorgeous water labels with Ella’s name on it! You can choose your theme, there are so many to choose from. We used the Sweet Shoppe birthday party package.

We also created the gorgeous tissue paper pom poms ourselves. I learnt how to make them by watching a YouTube clip. So easy and so cheap! It just takes a bit of patience.

Birthday Girl Wears: Her Aunties purchased her a gorgeous silk dress set in cream with beautiful hummingbirds. It was so gorgeous and perfect for the birthday girl.

Games/activities: Given that it was the middle of summer, our crew just played outside in the backyard with a variety of toys. Each child was given a special Peppa Pig lolly bag when they left.

Tips: Definitely use stores on Etsy to help with invitations and decorations. Raid your local $2 shop for things like party bags and cupcake wrappers. Invest in a laminator and get cutting! YouTube clips can help you learn anything. And finally…use Pinterest as a way to gather great ideas! You can follow my Pinterest boards right here.

Something special: I blogged about this special day on my website Happy Ella After. I use my blog as a way of documenting special milestones, general mayhem and great finds that have helped me along the way! You can read about her birthday right here.

Thank you so much Kate for sharing Ella's special day with us. Head to Kate's blog to read more about her birthday party preparations.

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Images: Kate Korber (Happy Ella After)

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