24 August 2013

Tora's Ariel-inspired 5th mermaid birthday party

Hands up who has a daughter who loves Disney's Ariel and wants a mermaid birthday party. Yes I know! Who doesn't? Long-time Bondville reader Donna created a dream mermaid party for her daughter Tora's 5th birthday, featuring beloved Ariel with a colourful red, green, blue and purple colour palette. Read on for lots of tips and tricks from Donna, who made nearly everything herself.

Party: My eldest daughter, Tora's 5th Birthday Party
Organised by: Mum Donna
Location: Wodonga VIC
Theme: Mermaid. Tora chose her theme and requested I make her a mermaid outfit.

Cake: I am the kind of mum who just HAS to make my children's birthday cakes myself. For me, it's the start and finish of all birthday party celebrations. It means so much to me to be able to create what my girls wish for. I started a week before the party, creating all the little figures and the mermaid tail on the Ariel doll. It was so much fun and I was really happy with the end result. The cake itself was layered with green and chocolate brown layers inside. The true delight of all though was when Tora saw the cake all pieced together... she said, "Oh Mum, you are so amazing to make that for me." That's all I needed.

Party food: I created the mermaid fin vanilla cupcakes using a mould from a playdough kit. It was really a whale fin, but i think I got away with it. The vanilla cupcake recipe came from taste.com.au.

I made the mini blue jellyfish cups and the kids really loved the mini spoons I used.

The pearl in an oyster treats were made by sandwiching a Kool Mint and a pink fondant flower shape between two German-style biscuits.

For drinks, I filled empty soda bottles with ice cold water because of the hot weather. I had been saving the bottles for a while and kept the decorations on them to a simple shell (from my wedding box) and a piece of string.

I also made black pearls on a stick using grapes. I should have made more of those as they were eaten so quickly and the children were asking for more. We also created mini octopus by cutting slits in the ends of little red frankfurts and cooking them on the Barbie so the cut ends curled up like octopus legs. I also made simple sandwiches - cream cheese, ham and cheese, egg and lettuce.

Decorations: Treasure chest filled with treasure. I bought the chest raw from Spotlight and then went to work covering it with gorgeous paper. I was really happy with the final result. I filled it with stones and shells from my wedding treasure box, playful jewellery and chocolate coins. The girls each had a turn at choosing a necklace and a ring from the chest to dress up in whilst at the party. They absolutely loved this idea and so did I.

It took my husband Steve and I one hour the night before the party to twist and hang the streamers to create the back drop for the party table. I traced some fish from a colouring book and then cut them out using cardboard. I then glued on some mini patty cake wrappers to act as scales. I hung the fish onto the streamers for an added touch. I also made the birthday sign. The mermaid canvas centrepiece was created by my best friend who purchased the mermaid picture on bay and placed it on a canvas. Tora loved it so much that it is now wall art in her bedroom.

Birthday Girl Wears: Outfit made by me, no pattern BUT a lot of patience. I saw something similar on the internet once and thought "sure, I could do that if I tried". The top kept falling down over the course of the party but Tora loved it and never complained. Three of Tora's friends had their mermaid outfits made by a family member and it was amazing how similar they were to the one I created for Tora. They had the same sparkly fabric but each had their own colour....I should have made straps for Tora's mermaid top like the other girls had as it kept it from falling down. Tora was so excited that her friends had the same sparkly fabric as she did. It was such a fluke that they had a different colour each. Fabric sourced from Spotlight. The headband Tora wore was also made by me, she requested a starfish on it so I created one out of felt. I loved it. It also acted as the blindfold for Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Mermaid game.

Games/activities: Upon arrival the girls were sent to the craft table to put together their mermaid tail pieces and cover them with stickers, stamps, letters, numbers, glitter etc in preparation for Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Mermaid later in the day. The girls had so much fun - this was truly entertaining for all. Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Mermaid was a hit too.

We also played the Pearl and Spoon race (instead of the egg and spoon race). We used cool mints as the pearls.
Something special: Tora invited a lot of her new found school friends which was lovely for all us parents as we became a little more familiar with each other. Some of these school friends she also went to daycare with so it's nice they will still be in each other lives at school.

Thank you so much Donna for sharing Tora's birthday with us - what a special day that I know she will remember forever.

Images: Donna Bosch for Bondville

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  1. Great timing Steph. Poppy wants a mermaid party in a few weeks for her birthday. This was full of inspiration be great ideas.


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