30 August 2013

Tommy's 3rd Peppa Pig Birthday Party

There are so many little cuties out there that live for Peppa Pig and her younger brother George. When professional cake-maker Alison Lawson put together her son Tommy's 3rd birthday party, she knew exactly which theme to go for. Read on for all of Alison's tips and tricks for a sweet and simple Peppa Pig party.

Party: Tommy's 3rd Birthday Party
Organised by: Mum Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes)
Location: Bowral, NSW
Theme: Peppa Pig

Cake: Made by Mum, Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes). I kept the birthday cake design clean and simple with handmade iced images of Peppa and George.

Party food: I used my collection of white milk glass cake stands plus a few white platters to display the food. Chocolate crackles are an old favourite and kind of like a Peppa Pig-inspired muddy puddle! Chocolate spoons were a total hit, and so simple to make. Watermelon Pops are also super-easy - simply insert a paddle-pop stick into watermelon wedges. I also made popcorn and green swirly meringues and added the rainbow-striped sour straps.

Decorations: Tommy loves balloons, so we splurged on some helium balloons from our local party shop. The favour bags are by Paper Eskimo and they provided some great colour as a very simple back-drop for the dessert table.

Birthday Boy Wears: Skinny jeans and jumper by Fox & Finch. Shirt by Ralph Lauren.

Games/activities: Given the age group, we kept it very simple. Pass-The-Parcel and Musical Statues fitted the bill rather nicely! We were also really lucky with the weather and the children played together outside on the lawn.

Tips: I always include at least one gluten-free item in my party menus. Meringues are my favourite because they can be colour-matched so easily, but they are also a delicious option for any gluten-intolerant guests.

Something special: I think this is the first time Tommy has really understood his birthday! His little face was beaming with delight  all day, which totally warmed everyone's hearts!

Thank you so much Alison for sharing Tommy's party with us. What a cutie!

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  1. It is always such a treat to have my work featured on Bondville. Thanks again Steph!

  2. We love peppa in our house too! a very cute party.

  3. OMG! He is so cute! The party is beautiful in every details.

  4. What a great party! Would love to know how you made the chocolate spoons please?

  5. Hi Kim, thanks for your question. Alison kindly responded, "I simply melted chocolate and 'spooned' it on to the party spoons.

    While the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle your favourite decorations on top and allow to dry. Super easy!"

  6. This Peppa Pig party looks so nicely done and not to over the top. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


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